Fed up!

So not only did I not get pip (was 2 points of!), which I am appealing, I was told by my manager if I put another sick note in they will start ill health dismissal procedure! She also said my job role has changed making it impossible for me to do with all underlying conditions I have. So much for a caring company! Do you go against doctors advice n go bk in knowing you'll be of again in few wks because of the stress n trying to do a job that will make you ill? Only good thing is maybe able to get benefits due to been ill health dismissed. So shocked at the company that I have work for for 13yrs...

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Hi smudge1980,

Would you like me to send you our two 'self-help' guides? One is for people with lupus who want to work, and the other is an employer's guide. Just send me a quick private message or email with your name and address and i will post them out to you. hayley@lupusuk.org.uk

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Thanx Hayley, I down loaded both of these and gave to employer. Don't seem to make much difference to them, but thank you anyway


I would suggest citizens advice unless you have a union? I don't think they can do this as you have a disabilty so they are not allowed to discriminate, but Is it early retirement through ill health or dismissal. You can't go against your doctor's advice as even if you go back you know you are not going to last very long until you are fully better. Hope you manage to get some help. X


Don't forget Lupus is classed as a disability


I would echo Emma's comments, visit the CAB as soon as possible, they will help you to respond and will tell you what your rights are. Hang in there if you can, they will also help you to appeal the PIP.



If you have had your condition for more than 3 months it may come under the disability discrimination act.

In which case your employers may well be breaking the law

You need to seek legal advice ASAP check your bank or home insurance as it's often included

Good luck


an occupational health assessment should be used to assess how the workplace should adapt to your disability. Not as a way to get rid of you. See it as a positive, somewhere for you to go into detail about your health issues. It will all be useful information if you apply for any benefits or to use with your employer should it all get to dismissal.


Thanx for all your comments. I've had occupational health assessment, after that I was told my job role had changed due to company restructuring n cut bks. Wld still do my old job with new jobs tagged on n won't have control of my environment. They are in the wrong n I will be seeking legal advice. Trying to dismiss under the "we can't support your absence" but they just stressing me more. Was new store manager that sent me if sick to start with. She came in like a bull in a China shop n changed everything. She wldnt listern to about what my needs are. It's gone on for months now n had enough. They just keep telling me things won't go bk to his they were


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