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Could anyone advise me him to appeal my claim,I scored no points in assessment,going to cad on thurs,I have to send in more proof what's wrong with me,my reumy gave me a report but not sure how to unpick all the negative points,on a bad day,a really struggle with most things,struggling attending work,going to end up loosing job,felt if I was awarded something,I could reduce my hours and rest,therefore sustain at work better,so worried,iv always worked but re struggling full time.

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  • Hi jeffscott

    Your doing the best thing going to the CAB on Thursday. They will look at everything for you. Good luck.

  • Thankyou

  • When you see CAB they will go through it all. Just tell them about the bad days and they will do it for you. While you are there you could make another appointment with them for a benefits check to see what else you might be entitled to.

  • Thankyou,I have to keep taking just 5mg of prednidolone everyday,do you think that could put lot of weight on.?

  • 5mg is a maintenance dose it shouldn't put too much weight on

  • Thankyou

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