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Hi I am now 20 weeks pregnant and just had my mid scan and everything looked healthy the doctors wasn't worried but I was just wounder if there was any other mothers out there with babies born to a mother with active lupus sle.

I Have been told about the heart blockage and a rash that baby may have when born but is there anything else I need to be aware of?

Thank you x

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Hi, I have sle and aps and I have had 2 healthy babies. Both born at 38 wks as the obs didn't want me to go to 40 wks and I had regular growth scans (every 2wks) I think after 30 wks to check growth. Their growth seemed to tail off so had them both at 38 wks, first was brought on with a sweep and second I was induced. Both born fine and healthy. My son was 5lb 12 oz and my daughter was 6lb 1oz.

I am on aspirin all the time for my aps which I continued for first pregnancy and had fragmin for 6 wks after. For my second as my first baby wasn't huge they wanted me on daily fragmin throughout the pregnancy to see if it made baby bigger.

I had anti ro antibody picked up after my first baby so for the second they said they may need to monitor the heart but all seemed OK with her heart rate so didn't need to. Paediatrician checked both over at birth too as soon as they were born.

So all ok for us both lovely healthy babies.

Sorry it's a long one but wanted to make sure I got it all in! The bottom line is tho that all was good and was monitored very closely throughout, and tho babies weren't huge they were still classed as within 'normal size' X

Do u mean ur disease is active and u are on lots of meds?


Hi Charl1503 I have SLE and have had two pregnancies and happy to say two healthy babies! My girls are now 10 and 6 😊. I wasn't on any meds at the time of my pregnancies, to be honest I was quite naive during my first pregnancy I didn't know the impact or affect Lupus could have but that may have been a good thing at the time as I never worried, baby was born perfect and healthy and I had a flare a little while after birth Dr said from combination lack of sleep breastfeeding, hormones etc but got through that okay. Second pregnancy i was more aware and knew about the heart blockage and rash, i kept up with my check ups and stayed positive and focus on reducing stress levels and tried not to focus on any of the negative implications, 2nd baby was also born naturally and was healthy and perfect! It is a worry and you feel so relieved more so then a mother without Lupus who counts fingers and toes when they tell you your baby is healthy and fine! Try not to worry keep up your checks and try focus on the positive, take time out for yourself and get as much rest as possible and just enjoy every moment your body is working hard to create a new person!! Its wonderful 😊 wish you all the best and let me know if you have any questions or concerns will try help as much as possible


I have 7 children, 5 of which were born post diagnosis, after my second eldest was 2 years old after i had been ill for several years with no specific diagnosis. All healthy, normal babies. 3 of which are now healthy adults, 1 who is a dad to a very healthy robust little boy of his own. The other 4 are all under 12 years old, the youngest is 21 months old. They are all healthy and working at well above average at school/ all milestones. I came off all meds during my pregnancies and stayed off meds while i breast fed all of them, one until he was almost 3 years old. So yes it is definitely possible to be active Lupus SLE and have good healthy babies. I also have Fibromyalgia, IBS, Bipolar, Sjögren's syndrome, Diabetes type 2, Degenerative disc disease, Arthritis and i have a leaky heart valve. My babies weighed 7lb 1oz, 6lb 11oz, 6lb 7oz, 8lb, 8lb 14oz, 9lb 5oz and 5lb 9 oz (born at 32 weeks due to mix up on dates and polyhydramnios, she was small but perfectly healthy and didn't need to go to NICU).

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Hiya I also have sle and have a healthy baby boy born at 38 weeks now 14months old, I also have 2 other children aged 10 and 11 one born 37 weeks and other at 30 weeks all perfectly healthy. With My two eldest, lupus was extremely active.. but with regular check ups, monitoring and scans of baby doctors can see how babies progress is going and can detect anything early on. Any questions feel free to ask x


I've had one very healthy 2 year old girl who had never even had to go to the doctors she's that healthy! I was on plaquinil throughout my pregnancy, had a quick natural birth with no drugs or doctors at all. I was terrified being told I needed to have doctors there etc. But when it came to it we were fine and was allowed a midwife led birth we were on our way home a few hours after. I'm currently waiting to come off methotrexate (had to take as i flared up last year) but hoping I can have a second one as soon as poss (I doubt it will be as smooth sailing). Don't worry yourself too much about it. A 'normal' pregnancy is possible!!


Hi Charley, I also had a Lupus baby 20 years ago. He was born with the lupus rash all over his body. The rash disappeared completely in short space of time. I was also informed about the heart problem, he was fine and is still a healthy young adult. Doctors will monitor your pregnancy also it's very advanced these days. I used to have Dopller tests monitoring activity from placenta, cord to baby and back. I'm sure technology has advanced quite a bit since then. My active Lupus went into remission whilst I was pregnant. Enjoy your pregnancy, keep up with appointments, rest,eat a healthy diet and you should be fine. X

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