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Pain Onces again

Hay there iv bin dignosed with lupus 3,years ago. On Friday night I feel ill could feel slight pain in my rib cage area, week end the pain increased by Monday I had upper back pain ad a awful chest pain with it by Tuesday I feel like I couldnt catch my breath so went in to A&E thy thought I had a blood clot but ct scan wAs clear. But the pain is still there I get rappid heart beat , palpitation, feel dizzy , shortness of breath and I'm soooo tired its unbelievable. Befor I got pregnent last year I had a heart ultrasound scan and the doc in leeds told me I had leaky valve could that be the course of my symptoms? and the hideous pain in the upper back and chest feeling like I'm having a heartatak ? A week on and the pain is still there gets worse with everyday work

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What did the hospital think was causing your pain? Many of us have problems with a couple of different issues which can cause symptoms similar to what you describe. One condition is costochondritis and the other is pericarditis

I had very similar symptoms to what you describe about 4 years ago now and initially it was thought I had a PE until that was ruled out by a CT scan. I had an abnormal ECG with bad palpitations and pain around my ribcage and back. I was admitted to the cardio ward at my local hospital and had a detailed scan of the heart done which was apparently OK. In my case it turned out that I had pericarditis with severe anaemia and was just put on ibuprofen to bring down the swelling around the heart. It did take a while to subside.

How did the doctors in A&E leave the situation? If you are still getting pain, then you really need to be seen again especially considering the results of the previous scan you had done on your heart.


The docs at A&E said ct scan was clear you don't have a blood clot and the pain we don't now whats coursing it go back to your gp, I did that 2day I told the gp about the heart scan I had a year ago and I have a leaky valve she turned around and said that wouldn't give u chest pain? And to take pain killers naproxin and codine and it might be gastric pain, what a joke I now how gastric pain feels I have a pain in my upper back and chest feels like I'm having a heartatak and Gona die anytime soon and docs said take pain killers :(


Hi Mainshah

It might be a good idea if you could get an earlier appointment to see your Rheumy Consultant. As a previous correspondent has said, there can be several reasons for this frightening pain when you have Lupus that they would be able to help you with. A&E would have ruled out the really serious like heart attack and blood clot. Hope it's improved. X


Yeh that's true misty14 I guess A&e have done there part but the docs apporling to say Sumthing like that U can clearly tell I'm in pain can't eat can't slep coz the pains thatb bad palpitation witch make the chest hurt more and pain killer will if 2 don't work I end up taking 6 every so offten end up Nocked out and can't lift my head :( soon it will be classed as an over dose


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