Acute back pain

Hi everybody,

Hope u all ok. Here in Mauritius winter is already there. I'm suffering from acute upper back pain, can't see it but my daughter and husband told me it's swelling, seem like it's near my spinal column or my spinal itself I don't really know. What is mostly inconvenient is that I can't cough, sneeze or do any movement without it be extremely painfull. I feel like no one understand my pain.. my next appointment to the rheumatologist is nxt week but for me its like waiting an eternity. If someone has some advice it will be most welcome, cause I'm really in a very bad situation and my sleeps are disturbed because of the pain

Thank pascale



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10 Replies

  • Has the muscle gone into spasm ? Maybe you should go to gp in the meantime and Try heat and anti inflammatories as may give some relief . My back has gone into spasm in past and cause rib to dislocate, it is severe pain . I hope you are able to get some relief, best wishes xx

  • Thank a lot weathervane,

    For sure by tomorrow morning will have to urge to my gp..cause here we are 21.20hrs. So will wait till morning. As for the spasm don't really know. Will try heat tonite..

    Thank once more


  • I hope you get a good rest tonight and some help from your gp 🌸🌸

  • Will surely give you update about my gp visit tomorrow..


  • Ugh, unlike! I sent my back into an intense spasm today and it was agony - I have a habit of this happening every couple of months. Analgesics and anti-inflammatories if you can get them and I would recommend trying ice (yes really) then heat and see if it helps. I hope you get relief soon

  • I've already try ice and heat afterwards, it don't work😩 I've hone to the gp today he prefer me going to my rheumatologist so Im still with my back pain🌼🌼🌼

  • I experienced muscle spasm in my back a short time ago....was out walking home from a hospital appointment and I began to back bent forwards, I couldnt stand up straight. The pain was bad so I rang for help and was given an out of hours gp appointment the next day. Muscle spasm was diagnosed and as I cant take antiflammatories I was prescribed a general pain stopped eventually but it was frightening. I live with back pain every day mainly from osteoarthritis and some damage to my spine, never sure whether its muscular or bone....hope you feel better soon x

  • Thanks for ur good words chrisj, I don't even know all of you still you are all keen to help many thanks. You take care of yourself


  • If you can't take anti inflammatory medication (like me) ibuprofen gel etc, used like body lotion when at my worst, can ease.

  • Thank a lot lupiknits, will try it

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