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Hello Everyone,I have recently received a letter from DWP Jobcentre Plus that I have been moved from ESA WRAG to the Support Group due to my long term health issues,but no indication off them regarding a timescale..Will I be re-assessed at some point or is this permanent?Do I still have to attend Avanta(Workplace Provider) and participate in Job Searching/Applying or am I now exempt due to being in the Support Group?Many thanks in advance for your assistance in this matter...

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You won't have to participate in work related activity any more now that you have been moved to the support group. For some people this can be permanent and for others it can be for a limited time before a re-assessment - this depends on their opinion of the likelihood of improvement in your condition in the future.

If you need additional advice you may want to speak with your Citizen's Advice Bureau who will be able to look over your documents and comment on your particular case.


Thank you for your response Paul


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