Cheltenham support group?

I was diagnosed in Feb having had a lupus crisis with little indication of lupus before so it was a shock. Does anyone know of a local support group. The nearest link I seem to find is in Somerset. Surely there's one nearer? Any suggestions would be helpful. I've responded very well to plaquinel and returned to work within a couple of months of treatment and am making progress each week.

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  • Hello as far as I am aware there is no support group in Cheltenham... I would be interested in setting one up though as I live in Cirencester and fed up of feeling on my own. If you look on the Map there is a few people in the surrounding areas

    Katie xx

  • Hi Katie. Thanks for replying. I find it hard to believe that in an area the size of Gloucestershire that there wouldn't be a demand for a support group. What map are you referring to? Is there one on this website? It's all new to me as I was only diagnosed in feb but unlike other people I seem to have seen a good rheumo consultant very quickly and they have been really helpful.

  • Hi Katie. Did you send another reply yesterday? It said you did in my email but no sign of one when I logged in and the page was having a crazy moment so couldn't reply to anyone. It nice to know there's someone else nearby. It reminds me I'm not the only one! Have you suffered with lupus long?

  • Hi the nearest group to you is the western lupus support group might be worth giving them a ring. Good luck miriam

  • Thanks. That is the one I found based in Somerset. I was hoping there would be one nearer but will contact them.

  • But if you contact them they may be able to tell you of people in your area

    Or arrange to meet Tinkerbellquo,and put a post on Lupus U/K site and see who turns up.

    There are new friends out there so go girl.

  • We do have a trained lupus contact in South Glos. Her name is Sandra Bohin. If you call her on 01454 883115 then she may know more people in the area too.

  • Hi. Thanks for all the very helpful replies. Couldn't answer yesterday as the web page was playing up. I'll contact the number above as you suggested

  • Hi everyone. I live in Stonehouse, just south of Gloucester, and would be happy to help if there are enough of us to set up a group.

  • Thanks for your reply. So far have had reply from tinkerbellquo who lives in Cirencester and have left an Answerphone message with coordinator. It would be nice to see if there's anyone else in the area as it would be good to know others are going through similar things and share tips. Maybe we could arrange to meet and put it on the site and see who else comes?

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