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Hi I have Lupus & I know I can't be the only one in my area eg County Durham. Is there anyone interested in setting up a support group in the north east of England? Hope you're all having a good day!

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Hi, I go to the Sjogren's Syndrome support group NESSA at the Freeman Hospital and there are quite a few people there with Lupus. I live in Hexham and that is my closest contact. I might be interested if the location was easy to get to.

Hello there used to the the North East Lupus Group which had quite a few members and used to meet for different stuff. But I've just looked up their website and they are no longer functioning

I live in Chester Le Street

I live in ryton and would be interested in meeting.

Hi Queen V there is a group in Stockton. The last meeting was cancelled but it was advertised here. I too live in Co Durham. I don't think we are at all alone in Co Durham it would be nice to chat with people who have similar problems. I find this site a great help and so supportive.

Take care and hope to meet you one day.

I live in blaydon, newcastle. I would be interested also.

Hi all, I have just came across this post. I live 3 miles outside of Durham centre. I would be very interested in meeting others, it feels so lonely having this illness. Has anyone managed to put a group together?

QueenV in reply to Vicci

Hi it's great hearing from you. I live in Chester le Street & another lady from Chester le Street has also contacted me but we are yet to meet up. However we do text each other. Can I ask how old you are & if you can manage to work? Many thanks. Vanessa

Hi Vanessa, thank you for your reply. I am 36 and unable to work. I was a newly qualified counsellor and it's one of the hardest things I have had to come to terms with. How about you? It would be great to stay in touch. Vicci

QueenV in reply to Vicci

Hi I'm just turned 41 & until 2 years ago I've always have worked & or studied. So I totally understand how you feel. My mobile is 07974 319 205. So if you would like to text me I'd love for us to keep in touch. Take care. X

Hi, I am leaving a message for my wife sharon, she has S.L.E Lupus and antiphosphilipid syndrome and we live in Durham. Sharon would like to get in touch with anyone to ask some questions and may be a chat (or text). Hope to hear from someone soon, Sharon's email is

Hi I will email your wife soon. Thank you emailing me. Vanessa

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