LDH and Potassium Serum - Correction

I was mistaken in my previous post - my LDH was 264, but the Potassium Serum was 5.5 - both flagged as high. In my research (which is not always a good idea), there were some serious possible issues involved - or, a lab error. Anyone have a similar situation and can intelligently interpret these numbers? Another notification was sent to me last night at 11:29pm. Friday night. I guess they wanted me to know that there was a problem - but doctors do not work on weekends.

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  • Hi tennis senior

    Why are you being sent your blood readings?. Not helpful to send you worrying results Friday night when it's emergencies only till Monday!. Long time for you to fret!X

  • The measures in the US are different from the ones used in the UK - but from what I can see, your LDH is only slightly higher than the upper limit (generic limit is around 225, although you need to look on the tests to see exactly what the upper limit is, each lab has its own measures).

    The Potassium is also ever so slightly high, the normal upper limit is 5.1.

    I agree with misty's post - they shouldn't just send test results to you without any explanation. To me it looks like a raised cholesterol level that you'll have to improve, either through diet or, if you'd rather go the drug route, by taking statins. The Potassium level might be just a fluke, I'd repeat that test before getting worried but I'm not a doctor, so you need some medical person to tell you what the issue is here and what you need to do about it. I don't see anything urgent in your results but I'm not a doctor, I repeat.

  • My hematologist's office asked to sign onto a link called "Navigating Cancer." When I sign in, I can see my entire history, including all of my labs. They do this for all of their patients. I guess it covers them as well because both patient and doctor have history. I had the labs on Tuesday and by the time it's sent out it takes several days. I get one every time I take labs. I did look back on my history, and it's been a steady upclimb - from a normal of 186, then 207, then 264. It has nothing to do with cholesterol - it's a different LDH. My cholesterol is always below 200. I take 10 mg of Simvastatin every night. Potassium Serum is not a potassium reading - it goes along with the LDH. For sure, tomorrow morning I will be on the phone with my hematologist's office and I agree - they should repeat the test. Being a little over normal is not worrisome - it's the steady upclimb that is. I spent the last few years of my Dad's life, staying with him in Emergency Rooms and hospitals because the Lupus was hitting all of his vital organs. I don't want to be that person.

  • I agree, steady increase is a worrying trend - lupus does accelerate the formation of plaque etc, are you on Plaquenil? Plaquenil is good at keeping the good cholesterol high and protecting against diabetes. Good luck, let us know what they tell you.

  • Our chemistry levels are the same as yours in the UK -- the high is 226. I saw a steady upclimb from 186 a month ago to 264. It's not potassium per se - it's another test called"potassium serum," which goes with LDH. It has nothing to do with cholesterol - my cholesterol levels have always been good and that LDH is below 100 - usually around 70's or 80's. Cholesterold levels are checked by my PCP - not my hematologist. With all of my medical issues - a steady climb of any number is of concern. This morning I will be on the phone with their office and ask that my doctor himself call me and explain it all.

  • Hi

    I have had raised LDH and CK. I don't understand much about bloods but it's not cholesterol and in my case being taken to monitor inflammation of my muscles.

    HDL is good cholesterol, tgl - triglyceride cholesterol and LDL- bad cholesterol.

    As Purpletop says we do have an increased risk of developing plaque so being on plaquenil is definitely good. Although I think your having LDH done for inflammation markers

    Whathappened x

  • You are correct, wh. LDH is NOT cholesterol and could relate to various issues - muscle damage being one of them. People confuse LDH with LDL - bad cholesterol, . Elevated LDH can also show heart damage - which Systemic Lupus can cause. Apparently you have Discoid Lupus - thta's what doctors give Plaquenil for. I will let everyone know soon as I reach my doctor today.

  • No plaquenil is an anti malarial medication used in SLE not just discoid lupus. I on the other hand don't have a diagnosis yet just CFS, depression and various high bloods that don't confirm anything but lead to a possible Lupus and or myositis and make work difficult at times. Luckily my cvd risk is low as I checked it the other day and my tc/HDL ratio is low. My bp remains low and I'm still a non- smoking female under 50. I used to spend 12 hour shifts of 20 min intervals checking cvd risks. It was the longest days ever lolx

  • Just called my doctor's office and received the dumbest response ever - "We don't ordinarily show the doctor the labs." When a number goes up 40 points in 4 weeks and is flagged - shouldn't the doctor know about it? I have 2 calls in to 2 different doctors. My doctors never recommended Plaquinel - told me they reocmmend it for people with Discoid. It doesn't really work for SLE, according to the first rheumatologist I saw. Also, I have Sjogren's and had two eye surgeries and Plaquinel can affect the eyes.

  • Hydroxychloriquine (plaquenil) must be for the effect it has on skin and joints aswell as fatigue. I got that from treatments on Lupus UK. I definitely noticed a big difference in it helping my fatigue. Whilst the I.M steroids and methotrexate have brought my Bloods down and most back to normal levels (except my CK).

    Good luck getting some idea of what's going on x

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