Potassium & Bananas (and other high potassium foods)

Potassium & Bananas (and other high potassium foods)

Being on azathaprine i have fortnightly bloods. Im called by my GP to get potassium from the dispensary. Im going to see another GP about other related SLE symptoms and i ask him about these potassium tablets, Im told that I can eat bananas instead. So me being me, patient power etc I tell the doc Im not going to take them I'll eat bananas (and other rich in potassium foods) FINE & DANDY..

NOT FINE AND DANDY the GP im registered with tells me that I need to take the tablets as he is concerned about the amount of sugar i am consuming!!

CONFUSED? me too!!

So 5 a day, 7 a day?

Anyone else have any ideas? Spries like this?


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10 Replies

  • Hmmm. In the run up to my stroke had a week of debilitating (what I thought) migraines. My GP gave me a vein dilating injectable drug prescription and recommended more potassium via bananas and low sugar squash. Obviously these weren't enough to prevent the APS stroke. Bit of a shame he didn't do an investigation as it could have saved me from a serious episode. But ah well!

  • I know that Bananas are good for me as are apricots, beans, jacket spuds with skin, salmon, dairy products (and many more) all have high potassium, seems to me it depends on rhe postcode?

    Hope you are on the mend now.

  • Ha yes. Postcode and enlightened doctors eh? My GP is still poo-pooing my APS and SLE. But thankfully warfarin is making me feel better when my INR is in range.8 years on from my stroke I finally got a diagnosis via a consultant caring for me for another issue. Hope you are feeling better too.

  • NHS is fab isn't it. I respect very highly what they do BUT and its a huge BUT its so very inconsistent! Im NOT taking the potassium tabs not when they have 2g of salt in them as well. Yes i am well

  • Hi, my gp told me that bananas could agrevate migraine due to amines so after consuming bunches should your migraines get worseyou know why :-)


  • Really? its crazy isnt it? I dont get many migraines thankfully,

  • All I know is that I crave underripe bananas from time to time, and when this happens I am capable of eating 12 or more a day - particularly the mini ones called bananitos! This happened to me when I had jaundice last year and also years ago when I had glandular fever. I think there are times that our body lets us know when we need something, and we should go along with it! Despite my massive banana consumption I didn't put on any weight, quite the reverse.

  • so so true and very wise indeed, thank you. i think we are all guilty of a quick fix these days but Lupus isnt an illness or disease that says yes to quick fixes, (well i dont think so). We do need toi listen to our bodies and thats what I am trying to do all the time, more so now im getting older and coping with Lupus over 30 years listening to me is what i find works. i not taking these tablets as i dont think they'll do me any more good than natural foods will! My plan is Ive just had a blood test, another in a fortnight and then 1 a fortnight later, and I'll be asking my potassium levels, knowing that i am eating foods with high potassium not these tablets!

  • Hi. I've just joined the lupie group (due to a diagnosis of "mild lupus", so have only just seen this. How are you getting on? I also have Type 1 Diabetes, so carb count all the time. And I love bananas :) How many a day were you eating?!! I have 1 each day (except when I feel nauseous for no reason), which gives slow-release carbs. They do contain fruit sugar (hence the carbs) so your GP is right about that. Look up a UK website to see how much potassium a banana has, and how it compares to your recommended dose of tablets. I do know that too many bananas a day is not good for you; and recycle your banana skins on the garden - rose bushes particularly like them!! :)

  • What is 'mild lupus'? I ask as i see many on the site state they are diagnosed with this, I want to educate myself on this as Ive suffered with SLE & DLE for over 30 years and 'mild lupus' is something very new to me?

    I hope you dont take offence to the question.

    Yes I eat 2/3 bananas a week but i also eat avocados and apricots as these are also good potassium.

    We are water butters and food waste composters in this house so all banana skins go in the garden, nettles make a great aphid collector and yet more potassium as well.

    I will look into potassium intake but i fear that it wont help me a lot as I take twice the daily recommended amount of calcium and D3 ! (Still going to take a look though you never know!)

    Lupus is so confusing, just when I think Ive got it it bloomin changes.

    Look after you.

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