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PIP resubmitted

Hi there, wondering if anyone has done this. Actually had my PIP assessment today, I'm so annoyed with myself. So tired all the time always feel like I'm on another planet. Anyway travelled all the way to the centre in agony as always to get there and be told my appointment was yesterday and I'd missed it. I can't believe it I've been stressed over this for ages. So I've had to ring up and ask them to resubmit my claim. Now I wait again for another appointment. Will it only be back dated to today now does anybody know feel like crying I can't believe I've missed it

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Hi Gail

How awful to get the date wrong of your PIP assessment and make a supreme effort for nothing!.

You could ring your local Citizen's Advice Bureau and they'd tell you about backdating and where you stand. I hope you don't have to wait too long for another date!. Good luckX


A positive way of looking at it, is that it is evidence that you need help to get organised.


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