MRI scans and Memory

So I got my MRI results back yesterday and they said it was all clear. I have now been booked in for 2, three hour sessions on my memory and concentration to see what it's like and to also see if this has anything to do with my headaches and memory problems I've been having.

They said these tests will only be questions but does anyone else have any tips? Bit of a panicker and with not knowin what to expect I've gone into panick mode.

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I'm afraid I cannot help you re what to expect from your appointment but I would love to hear how you get on. I have SCLE and suffer from headaches and problems with my memory and concentration. I have never been sent for an MRI or any other test re these symptoms. Let me know. Good luck. Wendy


I had four hours of testing a month ago. I'm still waiting for the results. There's really nothing to be done except answer the questions. I was pretty sure I demonstrated how messed up my memory gets. One thing I remember was being shown a drawing of a funnel. I knew what it was, but couldn't for the life of me remember the word. She even gave me the beginning sound. It happened with two other common objects. Even though I'm trying to get disability benefits, I'm still mortified. Anyway it's lots of things like that--lists of words, stories, math.

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I have been in a similar situation. I complained of difficulties to concentrate and problems with my memory. These come and go and since then, I noticed they get worse with viral infections.

I had an MRI scan and that was clear, which was a relief because no permanent damage on my brain was shown.

I was then sent to have some memory tests and had an appointment with a neuropsychiatrist in a memory clinic. The tests were quite fun and the results were all really good except from one - when I had to name pictured objects. That was quite low but the consultant said that this may be at least partially caused by the fact that English is my second language. They offered to monitor me but I said that even if there are issues there is not much they can do for me anyway, so I asked them to discharge me. However, they said that if I needed to be seen, they will take me back.

So far, no major changes, except for getting really bad headaches when I have an infection (plus memory and concentration problems) and it takes long for them to go. Maybe it is just a combination of an infection and age (56).

My rheumatologist thinks that they are not lupus related.

So I am just plodding along.


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