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Just an update and a moan! I had a GP appointment to find out the results of the latest batch of blood tests because of the vasculitis on Friday. There are several that are high ESR, IgG, IgM, C Reactive Protein but Lupus is ok. This GP is concerned enough to fax the Rheumy's secretary to ask him to refer me to a Haematologist.

I managed to get a list of all the tests I have had done since I joined the practice which, is great as I have never been told much about anything! Ever!

I was very surprised to find that the same high results were there in April when I had gone to the GP in a lot more pain than normal and not feeling well. The Locum I saw was very good, ordered bloods and said that they would telephone me if there was anything there. This call never came so I assumed everything was ok. How wrong was I?

In future I will always go for the results.

Sorry about the moan, folks!

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  • Sorry to hear that you are feeling unwell. I too have learnt this lesson. I go in and ask them for a copy of my test results every time now. They always try to put me off with one excuse or another. But I always say, it's OK I have plenty of time, I'll sit in the waiting room until they are done. I then sit somewhere I can watch. Terrible but some times the staff are so unhelpful and unfriendly. We have a right to know our tests results after all, our body and our illness. I hope you get some answers and feel better very soon. Best wishes.

  • Hi Wendy that's exactly how I feel. Unfortunately there are still some doctors that think the patient is just there and doesn't need to know what's going on, but I have learnt over the last few years. Not feeling too bad at the moment, but thanks for the good wishes.

  • Hi Lorac

    Good luck for seeing a haemotologist and I hope you continue to feel better and get answers. X

  • Hi, I have learnt my lesson about going to GP they just don't understand lupus. Good luck with you health.

  • Hi friendly2013, unfortunately, I have to agree with you. :-(

    Not sure what other measures the Lupus Society could do/take to address this - especially on the local level e.g. GPs/Community Health services etc. In the meantime, patients who are waiting to be diagnosed are made to feel that they "have it in their heads" or "making a mountain out of a molehill" or "being a nuisance. It's just not right!

    Sad thing is this has worsened now that GP surgeries are made responsible for their "purse" :-(

  • I think that if you can find a GP who does understand Lupus then you are very lucky. I totally agree with you, and they all have their own opinions too where is the continuity of care there?

  • Hi Lorac1, sorry to hear of your plight. How are you feeling today?

  • Hi Lorac1, sorry to hear of your situation. How are you feeling today?

  • Hi denden am ok, just wondering why things take so long!!!

  • Am not quite sure. Since joining this forum, I've learnt that Lupus is very hard to diagnose as it mimic others. GPs while trained to deal with day to day issues, are not specialists. This may sometimes give rise to many other communication hurdles. (sigh)

    In my particular case, I have a few other medical issues which does not make it any easier for all concerned :-(

  • You are right denden. It took 15 years to diagnose the first time around, and it seems that they are going through the whole thing again in this area. You would think that they would send for my notes to make it easier, but I don't think they have. I have written to my old hospital to see if they would send me copies. I will have to pay if it comes to it, but if it would make things easier then I don't mind!

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