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ANA Tests?

I was admitted to hosptial for a suspected broken bone in my foot because of the pain I was in. However, the Dr said he thought it was an Arthritis flare and that I should be referred to a rheumatologist and would write to my Dr suggesting this. In the mean time my new GP has run some routine blood tests and said that my white blood cell count is low and that the hematologist wanted to see me to run some more tests. My blood results are :-

1. I am Neutropenic since June 2014 - (1.5)

2. ANA - 1600

3. Anti-Ro52 - Positive

4. RNP Antibody - Positive

5. ENA - Positive

6. ANA - Positive

7. ds DNA Antibodies - Normal

8. ESR - 31

I am not sure what all these results mean, but the hematologist did say it suggests I have an autoimmune disease, but was not sure which one be it RA or Lupus or both, she just said I need to see a rheumatologiest as soon as possible. I'm still waiting for an appointment. Has anyone had similar blood results?


Following my Rhemy appointment: 22nd Jan 2015. She advised me to look up something called Connective Tissue Disease, and not to frighten myself with it? She also said that I'm not showing a fully blown disease, but I have arthralgia? Further tests are now due for my lung function, heart, chest x-ray for scaring on my lungs and thyroid. Looks like I've got something called connective tissue disease, she said I could develop one of the autoimmune diseases at any time. I return to see her in March.

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Looks like a mixed connective tissue disease - a bit of everything (bit of Sjogrens, bit of lupus, etc). Good call to refer you to a rheumatologist, you can soon start treatment for it.

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Thank you for answering my post. That's the conclusion I came to is that I have several conditions going on at the same time. I'll be glad when I get a final diagnosis, I've been ill on and off since my last pregnancy 13 years ago. It's since I changed Dr's earlier this year that I'm actually being listened too and annual bloods being taken.

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Just remember that it can be extremely frustrating when starting out with the rheumy's! They will put you thru all these tests, say you are fine, have explanations for the symptoms, want to do more tests, different results, lather, rinse, repeat. It is so frustrating! So, hang in there and take care if yourself the best you can. I have lupus, fibro and Sjorgrens. Such a fun mix......NOT!!



Yes it certainly seems like there's something autoimmune going on. It's good you've been referred to Rheumatology. When I was first diagnosed with Lupus I was getting terrible wrist pain (arthritis) and a few months later I was unable to walk without crutches due to inflamed hip joints. At that point my ESR was 30 (this is the inflammatory marker in the blood). I had a positive ANA results (tested several times over 2 years) and was diagnosed with Lupus.

I didn't have a lot of luck with the drugs they normally use for Lupus - so eventually I found an alternative approach and using diet, anti-inflammatory herbs, acupuncture and meditation, I am now feeling a whole lot better. Over the last 2 years my ESR has returned to normal and my last ANA test showed I was negative for Lupus! Feeling very happy about that!

It's a long journey, and it's scary and confusing at first, but I wanted you to know that remission is very possible when you have found what works for you.

Good luck! :)

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Thank you for your reply Dryad. I do seem to have periods where I feel great and can do a whole lot of things, then out of the blue I'm in pain and can't walk. I realise now that I'm having certain symptoms a few weeks before a joint is in pain or becomes stiff and impossible to move without Naproxen. I get stiff painful hands or feel feverish and drained or feel really tired for no reason. I realise now I have to take more notice of my body and what it's telling me. I do find that if I have too much sugar over a certain period of time, I feel unwell and my system feels sluggish. I'll certainly explore as many avenues as possible for keeping whatever I have under control, I really don't fancy taking steriods. I have an appointment now to see a rheumatologist for mid January, not too long now. :-)


That's good - not long to wait. And it's good that you already have recognised that you have a flaring and remitting thing going on. With a bit of tweaking you can increase the remitting and recovery.

I'd recommend keeping a food diary in which you also plot your symptoms, that way you can see what symptoms flare up after certain foods. I found that really helpful as it helps you tune into your body and read it's signals. You become the expert of you. It feels empowering. Good luck with your appointment!


Love to know what kind of Herbs you used


I'd go to a qualified herbalist - there are herbs that can make Lupus worse so best to check. Avoid anything that's supposed to boost the immune system. I use anti-inflam herbs like chamomile, marigold heads, yarrow and feverfew. Everyone is different - so best to see what works for you.

At the end of the day, we have lupus, so it's about damage limitation rather than cure at this point in our scientific understanding.


You maybe need to have a Rheumatoid Factor and Anti-CCP done to help include or exclude Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) from the frame - although between 25% and 40% can be negative for these and still have RA or some other type of inflammatory (autoimmune) arthritis. I think it's 10-20% who can have sero negative Lupus (ANA negative) but I could be wrong about this.

I have RA plus Hashimoto's (autoimmune thyroid disease). But the RA has gone sideways or into remission now but I still have a high ESR (between 55 and 65 currently) and have Sjogren's symptoms with a progressive and very painful small fibre neuropathy which is more common with Lupus than RA but my bloods were negative for autoantibodies when last tested a year ago. I'm seeing a neurologist and waiting to have MRI, blood and nerve conduction tests to see if this is immune mediated or not.

Good luck with your rheumatology appointment. If you get swollen knuckles or finger joints or other visible hot swollen joints then try and photograph them and keep a very simple record of dates and chronology to show the consultant as these may prove helpful.

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