Tooth pain

Happy xmas eve everyone!! Just a quick post to see if anyone suffers with shooting pain in your front teeth? It only started about a week ago and it comes on so randomly and it is painful enough to make me jump!

Dentist has given me the all clear on healthy gums and teeth so it much be something else, I am just hoping it isn't MCTD or lupus related! Xxxxx

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  • Hi Sianied

    Happy Christmas. Have you had work done at the Dentist recently as it sounds like a nerve has been triggered as it happens randomly?. Hope it settles soon.X

  • Unfortunately, I had a similar experience back in August and while it is a lot better now - I've seen the dentist any number of times, checked that its not abcess or rotten teeth, she advised me to see the hygienist and that did make some improvement. I then went to my doctor who thinks it is trigeminal neuralgia and gave me amitryptilline (an anti depressant normally) which again seems to take the edge off it. I also went to an acupuncturist but after 4 treatments we've come to the conclusion that it probably is to do with the lupus so I'll speak to the specialist nurse after the holidays. The difficulty is that it can be fine for a few hours or even a day but then suddenly comes back and its so painful if only for a few seconds. I've got strong fluoride toothpaste from the dentist, clean my teeth after every meal with the interdental brushes and if its painful in between use the toothpaste as an ointment and that seems to help. It's strange because its almost like an electrical build up in the nerve (runs along my left hand upper gum and then up my left nostril) but when I clean my teeth that can be very painful but the 'discharge' of the pain seems to settle it down. All the things I've read though say that its very difficult to manage, but that it often stops as quickly as it started - but it could be months or years before that happens. Sorry I havn't got a definitive answer but hopefully you'll find the regime that will help you manager it. Heather

  • I hope you haven't got a thyroid problem. If you have, avoid fluoride toothpaste.

  • Thanks Ripon1756 but at my last blood test I've no thyroid problems but will bear that in mind.

  • I hope you haven't got a thyroid problem. If you have, avoid fluoride toothpaste.

  • Hi,

    Hope you've had a good Christmas.

    I get toothache pain, randomly. I am diagnosed other than Lupus but feel I should be checked further for Lupus due to my symptoms.

    My dentist has checked my teeth & prayed and said all fine from her point of view .


  • Yes, I get this, but dentist said gums are good at the moment or were at the appointment, but I know my body changes all the time and let's face it - our bodies are subjected to different stresses all the time, too. I suspect it is because I am so sensitive - I am electro-sensitive and even sensitive to the weather and changes. I also think I had a cold virus and it affected all my nerves because had shooting pains in different parts of the body as well as the teeth!

    Take care, eat good food, rest when you need to - exercise, too and listen to your body as much as is possible in this mad world.

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