I had a very very dry scalp and doc prescribe some shampoo. It was very good and really helped. Now everytime i wash my hair it looks greasy after only 2 days. A month ago i could wash my hair and it would not look greasy for at least 4 days after.

Just added a photo of my hair . This was after it had Been washed and dried then brushed . My hair is very long . My hair only gets greasy quickly at the top . It stays fine at the bottom for longer

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  • I hear you LouLamb

    I often found some products weigh hair down, sigh, dry hair out, sigh, make it greasy in no time... It all depends on what is in it. Its often a trade off. No itch, take this then.

    Now Im not sure of the Policy for recommending products, I can only say this is working for me. Im a great cynic, waddya mean you knew??? My hair was thining so much, under a light my scalp beamed like a lighthouse through my hair. I tried using a head band which helped a bit, but I had the itchy scalp too.

    I tried John Frieda Luxurious Volume shampoo. Just on the market. I do believe I can no longer see my scalp after washing my hair. Ok it gets greasy looking a day sooner, but happily trade that rather than be blinded by my scalp in the mirror, and no itchy scalp! Works for me! Hope it does for you too.

    Best wishes Lou


  • You could try alternating washing your hair with shampoo from GP and then your usual shampoo? footygirl is right, what's the best of two evils! 😜

  • Hi loulamb.

    Afraid it is a trade off, no itch equals greasy hair earlier. I have never had greasy hair and hate it but my scalp is so much better. I use Dermax X prescribed by the doc.

    Best wishes Nicky

  • I wash my hair twice a week at the moment and dry it . I have very long hair so it's a hassel to wash it more times as I can't do it myself . I attached a photo. As its primarily at the top where it gets greasiest quicker

  • Yes me too, its just the roots and the fringe really. Sometimes I just was my fringe and put my hair up. Must be difficult for you. ☹ My hair is only shoulder length.

  • I'm going to try a different shampoo and conditioner today . I'll see if it makes a difference if not will probably just go back to dove and just wash hair 3 times a weeks instead of 2

  • I use Elvive shampoo and separate conditioner for dry hair when I am not using medical shampoo. But if you need help to wash maybe 2in1 takes less time. Good luck with the new one.

  • I'm considering getting a hair cut to help . As it will be easier to wash

  • I was thinking that would be easier but then its one more thing Lupus has take away isn't it? Try the new shampoo, see how you get on with that. Your hair is lovely be nice to hold on to it. x

  • I've used a new shampoo and conditioner today . It's made my hair softer and lighter than usual . Just have to see over the next few days !

  • which ones did you use. I got it wrong my shampoo, schwarzkopf Gliss.

  • Shampoo was tea tree alberto balsam - smells so good

    conditioner was herbal essences - so soft

  • let me know how you get on in a few days

  • Today my hair looks fine still . It's not as soft as yesterday . Think it may also be because of the heat . Last night it was so hot .

  • that's good. It is hot and very rainy. Almost tropical in Aberdeen where I am.

  • 2 days since washing hair . It looked alright this morning better than this time last week . Had a bath so put hair up in shower cap , now it looks a bit worse . Hair wash day tomorrow anyway .

  • so that is a bit better then, that's good.

  • Would you be kind enough to tell me what shampoo you use ? - thanks

  • I use dove shampoo and condition in one the doctor gave me Ketoconazole shampoo for my dry head

  • Thanks for swift reply, going out soon and will buy the Dove (S&C in one)

  • I just started using nizoral for itchy scalp found same prob so washed hair in my normal shampoo then rubbed nizoral on scalp and left it for while before rinsing. My hair had more body doing that,hope nizoral still as effective.

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