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Do you feel you have your lupus under control? Would you like to share your story in Good Housekeeping Magazine?

Good Housekeeping magazine is looking for women in their 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s, for a feature called ‘How I learned to love my body’.They are particular looking to include a woman with lupus who has her condition under control.

There will be an interview by phone and a photo shoot with their top hair and make-up artists in London in mid-December (week of 14 December). The women will be photographed in the nude (very tastefully of course) so will need to feel comfortable taking their clothes off. They will organise transport and cover costs.

If you would like to be interviewed for this article, or know someone who would, please contact Joanne Finney on as soon as possible with all of the following:

- Name, age, and contact details

- A summary of your experiences to include:

- How you felt about your body before

- The transformative experience

- How you’ve learned to love your body

- Please include details of any emotion and drama that would be compelling for their readers

- Recent photograph (not for publication, just for planning the photo shoot)

- Details of any previous press exposure (publication and date)

- Height, dress size, shoe size, bust size, local train station

- Any dates you are NOT available for the shoot in the first couple of weeks of December

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