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Uctd or shingles or what??

My first visit to a rheumatologist was prompted by achy hands. All tests were negative back in July 2013. Fast forward sept 2014, had more blood tests done again. Pos ANA, chromatin, and anti double stranded DNA this time. Doc starts me on generic Plaquenil 200mg once a day. After 3 days, it felt like both the backs of my elbows had rugburn on them. Then It traveled into the creases of my elbow ( in the skin not joint). Stopped plaquenil after 6 days. But when I wear fitted sweaters, my arms feel like they are burning and I want to take my clothes off. It's driving me nuts, I don't want to wear anything heavy. It's somewhat tolerable when I wear no bra and light PJ shirt. My rheumy is sending me to a neurologist. It feels like shingles to me but without the rash. She said it can't be shingles because it's both sides. And granted I've been under a ton of stress. Could these symptoms be autoimmune? I feel like plaquenil set something off. I'd rather go back to having achy hands sometimes because this is so much worse. My family doesn't know what to do with me. I was fine till I started Plaquenil. Ugh. Any ideas? Could anxiety cause this?

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