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Hi, just an update on my stupid hip. The bursitis ended up taking over my whole lower side, with pain in lower back - hip at bursa area - and down through groin. Very painful to touch (like a huge bruise), have to be careful not to walk to close to anything in case I bang it, groin skin was feeling quite numb to touch but feels more like a burn inside and goes just to a little of top of leg. The lower back pain was the most painful, but it did not go down leg so not sure it was sciatica. So everytime I think I have almost done with it, then the next day it comes back - not as bad but just real pain that messes with everyday. I have been living in baggy sweats for two months as the clothing hurts skin.

Anyway, not just complaining, but still looking for way to give problem to Rheumi to fix. He already said in the beginning (before it got bad) that it was bursitis - not Lupus related, but I am questioning the inflamation part of it that seems to have covered a lot more ground than just the Bursa. Thanks for listening - any thoughts?

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  • Hi Chapter. Sorry to hear you're having such a horrible time :( I needed a major R shoulder decompression, with accompanying bursitis, in 2010. Sailed through the op and it successfully repaired the damage but, like many mechanical problems I've had with my body other than SLE in the past 30 years, the inflammation/bursitis never resolved - in fact has become worse since. The upper R quadrant of my body is now chronically painful and inflamed and I continue to strugglie with it, despite being allowed 25% more than the annual recommended dose of depo-medrone. *In my experience*, SLE can and will target any inflammation in my body due to unrelated problems and make things 100 times worse. So, me too, you're not alone. If poss, up your anti-inflammatories. Hugs x

  • Yes, Tigerlily4, I think that is what is going on. May have started with the Bursa but now the whole area is just over excited with the inflamation party. I have been taking anti-inflamatories, just have to keep that up I guess. See Rheumi on Nov 13th., I don't want to be dealing with this as long as you have, that I know for sure. Take care and thank you for comment.

  • Inflammation party - hahaha! Loved that! Seriously though, you take care too x

  • Hi there I have same problem in both hips. I was diagnosed with bursitis about 5 years ago & had steriod injections over the time. At first it did help the pain but the last few have had no relief having them. The last ones were done under ultrasound to get the cortisone direct into the bursa . I really feel for you as its so painful . I can't lie on my hips at all & walking is a no go. Please keep me posted how you are. All the best too you.

  • Hi, tremeral. I did have a little pain in my left hip the other day and was a little panicky, can't imagine having both sides. Walking doesn't seem to bother my hip and I do have have full range of motion with it. It hurts if I sit to long, getting up and down from sitting, laying on it - learning how to sleep on my belly, never liked that, and pumping into things hurts - like the kitchen counter if my hip gets to close while working. I do hope some genius doctor figures out a better way to treat this, good luck tremeral.

  • Hi , I now have bursitis in my right hip after having spinal decompression and fusion surgery. It's agony - had injection which does not seem to have helped. I was concerned it could be AVN where the blood supply to the hip is slowed and the bone dies apparently lupus , Hughes , steroids, mycofenolait all make it more likely and it presents in the same way . My father was tested for it , otherwise I would not have known. I am concerned as I woke up from my op with the hip pain -I would have thought the bursitis would have developed after walking recovery. Want to ask about it but don't want to teach a Dr to suck eggs ! Let's be honest we already get that funny look from drs!- the pain is awful so I can certainly sympathise x

  • That funny look is what I got from three doctors (small town, a lot of locums, lucky to get same doc twice in a row). They say yeah that sounds like bursitis, and then move on to "is there anything else you need" which is code for "something that I know about". I have read about that AVN and must admit it is a worry. I have Rheumi appointment in about three weeks so hopefully I am still walking by then. I will be firm and say, "don't you be looking at me like that, just fix me".

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