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Septic Bursitis or just Bursitis?

Hi All,

I've done a search for Bursitis and it hasn't been discussed for 3 years.

I'm having sudden pain on the bursa area on my left hip. The pain is mostly right in one spot on the side of my hip, just above the femor bone or on top of it. I haven't had any hip problems before this. I Googled to find the name of the bones and area.

I'm very worried that it might be Septic Bursitis because I'm getting over a nasty case of cellulitis on my knee that developed an abscess. This is mostly healed, but still some swelling. And I've finished my 2 weeks of antibiotics. I have a low grade fever, but I almost always have a low grade fever every night for many months now.

Thanks for any help!! :)

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I have bursitis in both hips it's so painful. Had loads of steroid injections over the last few years but not helped in anyway. I have myosotis now in my legs that really causes me problems with walking. Mine isn't septic though. Must be awful. Hope they can help you & the antibiotics make u feel better soon x


Possibly this will not be a lot of help; however, the pain might be in your ischial tuberosity. It is like sitting on a hard chair for a long time and those points at the end of your hips ache. I have had it for ages, sometimes worse than others. All I can suggest is a soft spongy thing to sit on, esp. in the car. I did have a cortisone injections on one occasion and physiotherapy but it persists.


Hi. I have had septic bursitis in my knee and it was acutely painful, very red and I had a high fever. I've had cellulitis many times in the past in various limbs so I know just how you feel. No-one here can say what is causing the pain so it's probably best to get it checked out by ringing 111. I would hate to give you the wrong advice so this seems the most sensible option. X

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Hi Amy!

Have you checked out sciatica, I have that in my right side, is almost the same thing or at least it sounds lime that too. Do you seen more issues arising the longer you have this awesome disease? Idk maybe it's me but I've noticed alot of different things going on in the past three weeks and it's freaking me out! And my nerves in my neck, someone is going to put me the crazy house soon lol well they could get money off my weird ness lol. Or like blood foamy pee, and sharp pain in kidney and whatever is on the right side and it hurts like hell? !!!! So is this just my imagination or are these just coming quickly, ice read on all this but sometimes it scares me, and I can't expect my.boys to understand so o keep most.of this to myself. But check out sciatica, it can be painful and then shot to the lower back.


Hi Everyone,

I've been off here because I had several really bad days, physically and then leading to mega emotional stress and depression.

The cellulitis on my knee continues to swell up every day, as the day goes on. I've been to my doc for this many times. She says it's healing well, and that "legs" take 6wks to heal. I'm not sure if she meant that for any person with normal health or just me with my specific health issues.

Luckily that bought of intense hip or bursitis or sciatica pain went away, so it couldn't have been septic. I do have constant sciatica pain going down the left leg due to herniated lumbar discs leaning on the massive sized sciatic nerve. I had that constantly for 2.5yrs. But it seems to have gone away over the past 3 months. Yay!!

Thanks for all your responses. And Lilrosie, yes I get new issues all the time and that's what's so scary about all this. For instance, today I woke up with a feeling that all of my right side bones & joints were trying to twist and turn outward, as though a machine was trying to rip my right side off me. It's terrible to have to take so many meds to calm that pain or sensation down. It was worst in my right hand, and now my fingers look bent to the right.

So yeah!! Things do come and go and it's really scary. I try to explain to my boyfriend but he's sick of hearing about it all, although he does help me by making food and picking up my many meds. I had a good appetite for 2 days but now back to no appetite. Today he asked me if pills were going to be my dinner again tonight!!

Sorry going off topic. My hip pain has moved to the outer hip area and down my thigh, on the left side. It SUCKS that people can't see pain.

Best Wishes to All :)


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