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Hi All i am wondering if anyone can tell me since i have had another water infection i have been left still with the urge to keep wanting to pass water all the time but nothing! Gp sent another water test of as i have had to change antibiotics 5 times the last lot seem to work but left with this awful feeling needing to keep passing water, i have no idea why as normally it clears up . My last test came back clear.

Any one else had this and what can i do ?

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  • I believe lupus affects the way we use the toilet some have an urge some urinate far to much some have nocturia some have urine incontinence. Get further tests done and get refereed to a urogynay consultant like myself this in turn lets a specialist access you whilst you tell everything u experience there this is what im doing

  • Thanks for your reply i am just really down as i normally can go all day with out the need off going and its so frustrating as when i empty bladder 10mins later rug to go again and nothing ,

  • Sounds like your bladder is still a bit irritated, and just a little bit hurts. IF it was me I would be drinking more, keep it working and flushed clean. Going all day with out the need to pee is a long time, means not a lot of fluids and more of a chance for infection to set in. Drink lots of water and pee lots and it will clearup faster.

  • Thanks for your reply since infection i have been drinking loads and was told to have barley lemon as i can not have cranberry as on very high dose of warfarin, Hope things go back to normal very soon its been 11 days now.

  • My urologist told me to order D-Mannose from Amazon. I read the reviews on there and quickly ordered it. It works like magic. After yrs of antibiotics for uti's, im free! And its herbal. I didnt believe until i tried. Its brilliant! Have a read on it and see wot u think x good luck x

  • Thanks for that i will have a look ,

  • I have had this, too, and put it down to infection and the change to colder weather. I have also found I've needed to eat lots of fruit and water and cut down on the cooked foods. It is improving.

  • Hi Can

    Thats very interesting to hear as i have gone right off cooked food and want fruit mostly,

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