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Chest tissue flare....again

Forgive the moan: Haven't been around much. Been rather crashingly awful to the point a friend did a fundraiser for me to get some money together to get things done round house. I'm deficient in just about every vitamin it seems to doing rigorous diet stuff. Earlier this week I collapsed due to horrific pain in my chest. Thankfully not coronary (good thing too) but the connective tissue of my ribs seems inflamed ATM....actually they're not entirely sure what is going on as I have run a fever for a week without knowing it. I'm on antibiotics as a sort of scattergun treatment for time being. But meh.

I've had to discuss having my ex and his father take over summer term/end term care of son. This summer proved to me I can't do it anymore. So it seems I'm making more adjustments to lifestyle yet again. I'm a bit wibbly about it but my son turns 11 today. I did all the hard stuff. Now his father can take over.

Just needed to ramble a bit it seems. Cheers for reading.

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Oh, you poor thing! Let's hope the antibiotics find the right target and things improve. Is never easy to relinquish control over one's choices, let alone your children. You must be very sad, I'm so sorry.


Hi Silvergilt

I'm sorry your having such a tough time with your health and personal life which won't be helping your health.

A thought about your chest pain is that it can be a variety of things like inflamed ribs but I get similar symptoms and like you have had the serious heart possibilities ruled out as the pain can be apalling!.

Mine they think is inflammation of the lining of the heart and lungs as it does respond to NSAIDS and a higher dose of steroids. Do you take steroids regularly?. A possible treatment option for you might be a short course of them to see if they solve the pain?.

Look after yourself and take careX

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Hi there, sorry to hear you are unwell but please try to keep positive... You will get through this difficult time and feel better again. I thought i was dying in Feb/March this year, was sooo ill that i had to go stay at my sisters coz I couldn't do anything either.. I have a 10 yr old son and am single mum also. Just if bringing up a child by urself wasnt hard enough, we get this idiot condition and are tested further. I have read many self help/ keeping positive books while being single mum, it helped me stay strong and positive. I so understand when u say u did all the hard work and now his dad gets to take over (kinda) when child is easier actuslly now to look after!! Been there, felt that!! Aaaarrrrghhhhh!!!! Totally understand ur frustrations here! But i gave up stressing about it. The way i see it now is that my son's wellbeing comes first, always. He is happy going to his dads so that's important...( i dont want him being toooo happy anout it though!! Lol) but i see it now that i will ALWAYS be his mum and even though he can't remember everything ive done for him to bring him up properly all these years ( makes me sad coz now ive no energy left!) mummy's always have a very special place in a childs heart n life. He will alwSys come running to you first if he needs something. It's natural. Anyway, just trying to say try hard to be positive, will help u get better quicker ( you will) and you can be ok with your son going to his dads, it will be ok. He will always be yours and will always love you xxxxxxxx


Hi, Silvergilt; sorry you're feeling so cruddy. I'm going to suggest you ask to be checked for Costonchondritis, which is an inflammation in the joints between the cartilages that join the ribs to the breastbone (sternum). It's very painful (I get it from time to time) but not fatal, and painkillers and anti-inflammatories help a lot. Thinking about your son, singlemumloopy makes some really good points: especially that you will *always* be his mum. Better to work on your health so you can enjoy being with each other, and that looks like it now means letting his dad take some of the strain now and then. Feel better soon!


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