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Hi am new here..my name is vene...my sister is diagnosed with lupus sle...after one year of having symptoms we now find her diagnose that's because we live in the carribbean evything is slow here..she is in the hospital..the drs giving her alot of steroids stuff I don't have any knowledge about her meds but what I want to know is if she gonna survive...her organs is a little troubled..but drs said it can recuperate in times...she is 22 years old a mother of one...she look good today started eating and sit up

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Hi Vene, I’m glad your sister got a diagnosis, she’s very lucky to have a concerned sister like you. With proper treatment, patients with lupus can live a normal life expectancy. She’s lucky that she got diagnosed so quickly and that they’re treating her. Most people with lupus don’t get diagnosed for years. She should get plenty of rest, eat healthy foods, Exercise, and see her doctor regularly. It’s so good of you to look out for her. Warmest regards, Nan


Thank u so much dear


Hi Vene, nice to meet you. Sad to here ur sister has sle and its affecting her organs. Once her drs find the right treatment that will suit her, she will definitely survive.

We all here live with the disease because it can't be cured we can only manage it. Steriods is one of the first medication the drs give and also hydroxychloroquin. It does take a while for a lupus sufferer to get the hang of. But just take one step and a time. I pray ur sister's doctors will take good care of her. Take care and God bless.


Ije xxx


Thank u soo much dear...I felt relived


Hi Semoniavene,

Welcome to the LUPUS UK HealthUnlocked Community. It is lovely to see that you are such a supportive and caring sister!

We offer a free information pack that contains simple yet, informative literature about lupus which you can download here: lupusuk.org.uk/request-info...

To read our factsheet on 'LUPUS: and Medication' please click here: lupusuk.org.uk/wp-content/u...

The Lupus Encyclopedia states “recent studies of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) patients show that 91% to 98% of patients diagnosed with SLE will live ten years or longer”. People who have SLE tend to have a normal or near-normal life expectancy these days, as doctors are able to diagnose lupus at an earlier stage.

Please let us know how your sister gets on, wishing you both all the best.


Thank u dear


keep her out of sun. I was diagnosed at 24, but had problems for years before. Prayers help for me.


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