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Blood Clotting Disorders and Lupus??

I have Systemic Lupus as well as Protein C Deficiency and Factor 5 Leiden Mutation. (Sticky Blood)Lately along with other typical Lupus symptoms I have been experiencing numbness in my arms, loss of vision, a headache in the middle of my forehead between my eyes that hits out of nowhere (almost feels like the blood is rushing to my head)and sometimes makes me weak to where I want to fall on the ground. I've been in the ER 3 times thinking I was having a stroke. I had an MRI Done and was given a diagnosis of Neuropathy. Could this be related to Lupus or the blood clotting disorder I have or a combination of both?


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Hi I have SLE and one of my very close friends has factor 5 , poor you having both! If the Docs have told you its neuropathy (that's nervous system I think!) then I would edge my bets that it would be more likely to be the SLE . Have you had your blood checked recently to see if your thinning meds need to be adjusted? That might put your mind at rest with regards to worrying about strokes etc.


Hi hanb27,

Yeah having both can definitely complicate the origin of some of my symptoms! I have, since I'm 21 my hematologist refuses to put me on anything stronger than an adult aspirin right now because the side effects are "too risky for someone my age" After my MRI the Neurologist concluded it wasn't TIAs I was having Lupus was attacking one side of my brain mimicking a TIA however it still males me wonder if my blood clotting disorder could be playing a part as well. Thanks for your response! Best of luck to you and your friend as well :)


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