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Hi All

Advice please: I am going travelling for 6 weeks at the end of the years, it's my transplanted kidney, Kevin's 10th birthday!! I'm going to Botswana, Zambia, South Africa, Madagascar and Mozambique (I know, showing off - sorry!!). So I have a few questions:

has anyone got experience of getting back into South Africa from Zambia with an exemption certificate for Yellow Fever?

Does anyone have any experience of the generic Malarone? I have used Malarone a few years ago in Malaysia and had no side effects but I am a little nervous about using the generic version...

Has anyone got any tips for travelling in jungles - I will be trekking and sea kayaking in Madagascar and Mozambique for about a month?

I am mega, mega excited about this trip so I'd be keen to understand any tips get advice from others.



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  • Sorry, haven't got any tips for you.....have never travelled in those parts of the world. But am thrilled you're celebrating this way! Go girl go! XO

  • thanks - the support is appreciated!


  • I lived in Madagascar for a while, I was out there when I had the first signs of being ill, so don't have much advice on managing illness when there. If you are in the Highlands then the altitude is very high so expect breathlessness when walking around. I was really careful to avoid insect bites because of problems with them healing. And then the usual, be careful of sun exposure and drink plenty. I was on Malarone and had no issues with it, found it much better than the alternatives. Madagascar is the most beautiful place in my eyes and I hope you love it. Sounds like an incredible trip.

  • Wow - how exciting - where did you live? I am trekking the national parks in the South West for 12 days then sea kayaking and trekking Masoala (if that means anything to you - i know it's huge place)... Thanks so much for your advice.


  • I was just north of the capital, in a village called Ambohidratrimo on R4, I loved every second of it. I worked at a children's home for a couple of years. I travelled a bit but not Masoala, just looked it up and it looks brilliant. Its a huge country and getting anywhere can take forever especially if going on the buses... I was pretty safety conscious, especially when travelling. Are you going with a company/guide or on your own? When I was there which was a few years ago now, you needed ID on you.

    Airport - Then, you could get a visa in advance or on the day. Occasionally I used to get asked about vaccines, I used to show them a booklet from my GP - they never seemed that interested in what I showed them, just that I had something. This wasn't every time though. One thing you used to need was a return ticket - a ticket to somewhere else after.

    Health wise, I did have some problems when out there, and it was in the initial stages so I didn't really know what was going on, it was only when I came back did the jigsaw pieces begin to come together. I saw a few doctors but was also helped by what the people in the village used, plants from the garden, bone healing through massage, a lot of aloe vera... Just accepted what I could.

    I hope you have an amazing time.


  • wow - I'm so excited, Madagascar has always been on my hit-list and I can't believe that I'm actually going... I'm going with a travel company who guarantee leaving even if it's only me! with a named guide, they know about my health complications too. It also means that I won't be taking public transport (alone anyway) so that should make things a bit easier...

    I am going to try and sort out visa before I go to make it all easier when i get there but that's a great idea to get a note for the GP explaining stuff. I'm sure they don't care at all what it says but it ticks a box.

    Thanks for your advice.


  • No worries, If you have any questions, just shout - i'll do my best to answer. I am very envious. Have a great time.


  • Get advice from your Doctor, I could not go to parts of Africa when my son worked there as I was told my 'Lupus' body would Not take the Yellow fever injection and I couls Not go without it. Good Luck. DOUBLE CHECK and enjoy.xx

  • I'm going to Zambia which is low-risk for Yellow Fever so I only need an exemption certificate to get back into South Africa afterwards. I have and am checking and double checking everything with my assorted docs.

    Thanks for the reply


  • Hi Tasch

    I see you are doing your own research but just in case, have you looked on fit for travel, Nathnac or Malaria spot (I think that's what its called). Also look up MASTA as they are travel experts. They have lots of travel clinics with nurses who specialize in travel health. Obviously everything needs assessing as to how it effects you individually with your docs. I have never traveled to any area yellow fever was an issue. MASTA clinic nurses will have done the course for yellow fever so they should be able to advise you but they aren't NHS and therefore just advise will probably cost.

    Have a brill time.

  • grand - I will check them out too. thanks!

    I can't have the yellow fever jab because of the transplant but it is (apparently) a recognised exemption worldwide... I have found someone who is going to Vic falls and then SA in August with renal failure so he'll be using the exemption certificate, so I will see how he gets on!

    Thanks for the reply.


  • Happy Birthday, Kevin! Tasch, what a wonderful trip you have planned - but I do agree with Hazel: talk to your doctor so you are properly equipped for the holiday. Have a fantastic time!

  • Thanks - am doing. I can't wait. (Less than 16 weeks to go now!)

  • Congratulations on the 10th birthday of your kidney.

    I did go to Kenya 3 years ago I had to have yellow fever injection I think it lasts 10 years and they wont let you in the country without it.

    I had Malarone one per day start 2 days before travel and two weeks on your return around £53,00 for a 10 day journey. I would go to your local chemist and also talk to your DR you need to be carful what you take Malarone can bring your blood pressure down I was taking Nortriptline for nerve pain and some malaria tablets were not compatible Malarone were the most expensive but you can't put a price on health.

    Good luck I hope you really enjoy yourself and have a safe journey

  • absolutely agree, that's why I wanted to know if people had experience of this non-branded Malarone (just because it's off patent now) but if i don't hear I will just go for the "real" one.

    thanks for your reply


  • Tasch....have a fantastic time and be safe!!!! What a trip!

  • thanks - I can't wait! Tx

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