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Travel sickness prevention: advice please?

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Hello all...for the first time in years & years, I'm just about well enough to take a proper holiday. We've decided to celebrate our 60ths with a sort of little cruise in a smallish boat going up the coast of Norway. They warn passengers to bring seasickness meds.

So, I got those special bracelets from boots for us both. And I've heard the usual advice re stay on deck & look at something on the shoreline etc etc.

Also, I told the pharmacist what daily oral meds we're on (me: hydroxy+myco+amitriptyline, and my husband has crohns in remission and takes daily loperamide). He studied his prescription reference book re contraindications, and said amitriptyline was the prob, as combined with most travel pills will make you v sleepy. So he advised trying 1/2 tablets with caution. He sold me stugeron (cinnarizine 15mg per tab) for us both to try, and also kwells (hyoscine hydrobromide 300microgrammes per tab), which he said my husband shouldn't take, and I should only take with caution

Has anyone here got any experience of these OTC travel sickness meds etc etc?

I'd v much welcome advice re combining OTC travel sickness prevention with our meds etc etc!

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Go on enjoy your holiday g

It's typical: after so much health trouble over so many years, it's almost impossible to imagine something not going wrong health-wise....and because nausea has been one of my toughest probs, I just do want to be prepared. Well, thanks: I hope all will go well

Have you tried the natural source Gravol, I don't know if you have it there. I don't think it will prevent motion sickness but it does settle your stomach without any sleepy side effects. It is made from ginger. Maybe take a bag of ginger pieces in your pocket and chew on those. Maybe you won't need anything at all! Go and enjoy.

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Barnclown in reply to Chapter

Great idea! Thanks! I just googled gravol: in the uk it's sold as Dramamine. I'll ask the pharmacist about it - Amazon sells a chewable type, which sounds interesting.

Now I wonder why I didn't think of ginger....because I've relied on it for years to treat my chronic predisposition to nausea....and most recently taking ginger seems to pretty well have got rid of this nausea altogether! So, yes: I have several types of preserved ginger & will take them with us

Ive only used dimenhydrinate 50 mg...and seems I can use half a pill these days...If I used a whole pill id be noddin out....Im on plaquinil and synthroid....

oh hey..there is a site called med checker on the internet if you want to lookup combinations of pills can punch in all your meds, and it will say yea or nay..

Thanks: good tips! EXACTLY: I am thinking: don't really want to sleep-walk through this long-awaited little 'holiday'

I have taken Amytripiline with the second of those and waz absolutely fine. I take them when flying x

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Barnclown in reply to SarahHeney

This is good to hear! Thanks vvvvv much

Hi, i suffer from seasickness quite a lot and have been on many ferries etc but have always somehow suffered through it. However, I remember that somebody who went on a cruise a few years ago was feeling really ill there and they gave him some injection and the seasickness went. So I wonder if perhaps the GP would not have something like this that lasts and that does not interfere with other medications.

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Barnclown in reply to Petrof

Perfect! I am planning to talk to my v helpful gp once I've heard from forum members: will definitely ask her about this! Many thanks

Oo Barnclown, I am so excited for you! This is exactly the trip my hubbie & I are planning to do when I'm well enough.

I was also going to suggest ginger, or a homepathic remedy. I have a little book which gives a run down of first aid type remedies. I find these are helpful & side effect free, as I am hypersensitive to prescription drugs.

When are you sailing? I will look forward to hearing all about it.

Bon Voyage. X

Thanks roobarb: you help me feel excited! My husband wants to see the midnight sun, so it's a June outing. I'll check out homeopathic remedies: hadn't thought of that! And I'll google first aid for travel sickness!

Am so grateful for all this advice in response to my question: feel as if I really am getting my head round this thing!

I suffer from sea sickness not nice could never do a cruse on the boat back from France I spent the whole time on top deck in the pouring rain just have a good time I'm sure you will be fine

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Barnclown in reply to onamission

Exactly! Thanks onamission, and "me too" - over the years have been sort of ok on flights most of the time, and have managed calm ferrie crossings, but any turbulence gets me going. Even so, thanks to all your replies, I v much hope to be better prepared to cope well on this trip. Am just glad the cruise company warns us emphatically. My husband is fine with turbulence...I want to do better this time...and if I'm now on good treatment plan & lifestyle management. I feel I'm more likely to cope really well

I am the worst seasickness sufferer in the universe, unfortunate as I live on the Scottish mainland . Bracelets I found useless, but they do help my sister. Stugeron I found the best pill, BUT THE TIMING IS VERY IMPORTANT ---- they need a certain time to work (clearly stated on the box) and I found out the hard way ! The wee island-hopper plane I boarded left early, before my pills had time to work !

I've heard that Injections are the best, but you probably have to pay; and how long do they last ?

My aunt survived seasickness by pretending to steer the ship (!) and focussing on different points on the shore. With carsickness she pretended to drive.

Can you do a Rehearsal, before your actual holiday, go on a rowing boat somewhere ?

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Barnclown in reply to paigie

Thank you thank you thank you Paigie!!!! I will read all the leaflets carefully & concentrate on getting the timing right....PLUS: I'm laughing: your sense of humour is grrrreat

You might not even suffer from seasickness, so please go to your GP and discuss treatment. I went on a cruise in 2011 and 2013 to the Mediterranean and going through the Bay of Biscay in 2011 was very rough and a lot of people was sick but my husband, boys and I were all fine.

Have a great time on your cruise.

You're right: I need to think positive no matter what! Thanks so much for the encouragement: the voice of experience

Bracelets don't work for me..threw up flying with one on. Don't know about any other meds except Bonine in America. Not sure I can take anymore with kidney problems. Hope someone can help

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Barnclown in reply to Natura

Thanks anyway. Yes, these replies have helped a lot!

BIG Thank you to everyone

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Natura in reply to Barnclown

Have a fantastic time!

Hi barnclown,

Ive had travel sickness since I was a child with all forms of travel eg car, boat etc. When I was a kid, my mum used to ply me with ginger based things and strangely gave me basil leaves to chew. I think that may be an old wives tale but ive just seen it online and apparently it works for some people!

I cant say that the wrist bands worked for me personally but I know some people who it has done the trick for so definitely worth a try. Also focusing as much as you can at something in the distance seems to help me if there's anything stationary to look at.

Im prescribed Cinnarizine by my GP (2 15 mg tablets, 3 times a day) for motion sickness and dizziness and I couldn't live without them. They don't stop it completely but make things a lot more manageable :) if you are buying over the counter and not on them long term, make sure you read the box as theres a specific amount of time that you should take them before embarking on your travels but I can't remember off the top of ny head what it is.

I hope you manage to enjoy your well deserved trip and find something that does the job for you :)

Thanks tillyblake! This is so great: I googled cinnarizine & yes this is sold here under the name stugeron...the stuff I just got from that pharmacist as 15mg tabs, so your story of success with this OTC is exactly what I need.

? Are you on the same daily meds as me - if yes & you have taken cinnarizine with these meds and had no problems (hydroxy+myco+amitriptyline), that would be extra encouraging...

Am v grateful for your input.....and your best wishes....if I knew how to insert a smiling yellow ball now, I would!

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tillyblake in reply to Barnclown

No problems! Glad its some help to you :) (smiley ball is just : followed directly by a ) with no spaces by the way!)

Im afraid the only one of your medications that Im on is hydroxychloroquine but never had a problem with the two of them together. If you're concerned, just ring around a few pharmacys and check what they all say. If the common answer is that youll be fine, its always reassuring or even give your GP a ring and ask.

Honestly, I couldn't get by without them so hopefully theyll have the same effect on you! X

Thanks again! Will do! my husband thinks stugeron is what his NZ seagoing sailor sister relied on, so between you & her it has got to be really good


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