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as i couldn't get an appointment yesterday-all gone by time I got through on phone and as my dog didn't want to walk far this morning probably cos it was hot or his age kicking in or both-got a bus to the surgery to physically get an appointment.came home fro half hour then went back for cheerful and said something like" surprise to see you so soon".had a positive appointment (nothing to do with on going issues)btu since I got home,dogs unenthusiastic,annie not eating and nestling close to me-constantly scratching and biting her paws-just lying about looking "concerned" and sad eyes.

feeling absolutely awful-drained tired weak persistent pelvic pain and pressure on ribs/stomach.forced myself to eat breakfast and a meal.tried to sleep in pm could not get comfortable but had to take myself to bed at 6 30 so tired and slept til 8.15.cannot get it out of my head it s somethign serious -from dogs' behaviour if nothing else.

dr arranged for blood test -on Monday and mentioned about gastroscopy -when last done -2 years ago-will he arrange another?podiatrist on Tuesday.

wasnt going to take dogs out this pm as weather too hot and me in so much pain btu he wanted to go and cos he only had a short walk this morning went for a longer walk-very slow and painful fro both of us btu to the local woods -nice and cool-going to suffer for it tomorrow.

I so just want an answer -why is it a constant battle to get answers-have symptoms acknowledged etc .received a reply from Pals re a complaint about the meeting with rheumatologist to discuss incorrect info in his letter and that it wasn't my rheumatologist that was there btu someone else.they are going to look into it.

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Morning anbuma,

Is your GP treating your Gastritis and Duodenitis?


Hi the gp who I saw after my endoscopy only gave me omeprazole which I had been told not to take a couple of months ago.when I saw my gp said should I not have antibiotics fro them.didnt prescribe any-come to think of it -nor did the hospital.still have the tightness in neck and night time cough and not wanting to eat.etc


I can see from all your posts that you are really not feeling well at all, and for a long time as well.

The dog can feel if you are ill or having a flareup. They are so sensitised to their owners.

Also if your dog keeps liking his paws, maybe a seed pod is stuck between his paw skin and irritating or hurting him. Have you looked closely and felt in there? There are plenty of seeds and thorns out there a dog can pick up, especially in the woods. If he wont let you touch his paw then there is definitely something trapped between the pads. Sometimes you have to look really close to find something.


hello Breadfruit.i know it s been three years.Annie was diagnosed with an allergy a couple of years said it was an allergy and she was on steroids fro a longtime -possibly making her gain weight so now she has an injection and meds.this year has been a lot worse btu think it stress related rather than an allergy.she s bitten at her paws so much when I take her out she walks funny.tehy are scarred on top and red raw in between her toes. they often get something in their paws -usually haw thorns - when out and about but they do what all dogs do when that happens and stop dead and raising the affected paw or are lame on it.

heat pads help with the pelvic pain but still after a year I don't know whats causing it and need to see /have asked gp to arrange for me to see -a gynae.not yet happened.couldnt eat much today-breakfast was toast-usually have cereal and dinner was a pie and potatoes.pain and discomfort on swallowing them.going to bed early -need my sleep -but seeign me wake up earlier too.jsut feel so scared my symptoms are so serious and no one will make a diagnosis


Sometimes one has to go to A&E so that they will check one out. Can you leave your dog with someone for a few days whilst you go to hospital?

My dog never raised his paw, he was too stupid to do that. He would just soldier on. But one could tell something was not right as constantly nibbling on paw. Then I literally had to sit on the dog and grab the paw to examine it. He was ever so grateful after the procedure, but he always put up such a fuss until I had him on the back and the kids each holding a hind leg. The first couple of times I even had to mussle him to stop him from biting me.


Hi Breadfruit have been to A&E on a couple of occasions when pain was so dr said we will get to the bottom of your stomach problems .still waiting.ended upon gynae ward-had scans etc -found nothing??don't they accept something is wrong and it s not all "in my head"as they seem to assume,21st cant come round soon enough to discuss things/issues /symptoms with gp and hope this time he will accept what I tell him my symptoms are and how long I have had them and that the consultants I have seen haven't done enough.

as I recently had endoscopy which revealed hiatus hernia gastritis and duodenitis(couldhave had these fro 2 years cos of sympotms)then they could do further-deeper examination(laparascopy)to see whats going on with pelvis.


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