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24 Hrs Urine Protein not in normal range

I have SLE since last 4 yrs in control with 5 mg wisolone & 200 mg HCQS but started facing issue like mouth ulcer from last month, my reumatologist asked for CBC & 24 hrs Urine Protein Test, CBC is almost well, creatinine also normal but Protein traced very high. I am worrying about whether this is due to active SLE or kidney is affected .. if anyone has idea please let me know ...

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Hi there let me tell you about my issue with protein i have sle too and am 19 years old I too have a high level of protein in my urine each time I have urine sample it's got to the point where they cannot see it affecting my kidneys now but are always keeping checks I also take my own regular urine samples which show protein is present all the time I have had numerous kidney checks by urine, bloods and ultrasound all are normal so please don't worry get them to do a check on your kidneys to be reassured good luck


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