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Everything has been settling today, but I was foolish enough to eat a toffee. Yes, the crunchy bit was part of a back tooth. I've been to the dentist, not easy because of my small mouth needing to be propped open, and without splitting the corners of my lips. I had a local anaesthetic, and felt a bit strange, then as though something was in my eye. After a pause in drilling I went to wipe my eye, and there was sudden panic. The side of my face had dropped, and the "something" was my eye unable to close. Eyepatches, them mopping my brow (I was sweating and hot, but I think that was panic) and then the dentist had to phone my son to collect me, while I slurred at dentist to tell him I might look like I've had a stroke, but haven't. It's wearing off now. Not so much lupus related, but, yikes, I thought the local had done for me.

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  • Poor you. I had the same experience on Christmas Eve 2015. One minute the tooth was there and the next it was gone. Completely. At my next dental appt, I reacted to the anaesthetic and was quite unwell for the following 4 or 5 days. The dentist attributed this to a likely virus until the same thing happened again a few weeks later - this time whilst still in the chair. One very unnerved dentist and no more anaesthetic with adrenaline for me!

  • I stopped anaesthetic with adrenaline a LONG time ago - it then meant I stopped dreading the dentist!

  • Scary stuff - not had this happen to me but I hate those adrenalin anaesthetics! X

  • I need to go to the dentist... but then again, maybe I won't... 😞

  • I wish I hadn't posted this! I'm honestly not scared to go back. Quite unusual problem, not happened before to me, and is entirely due to teeny mouth and jaw. All completely fine now (dentist may not look forward to seeing me though, lol)

  • Did you ever see the Michael Mcintyre sketch with him at the dentist?! It sounds as though it was a bit like that!

    Glad you're OK. 😊

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