Does anyone suffer with constant sore throats especially when your neck is exposed in the early evening? Is this a lupus thing?

On the rare occasion if I'm out in the day/evening for instance say between 6pm - 9pm I can guarantee that I will wake up with a sore throat like razor blades. If I remember to cover up it doesn't happen. This is a problem for me even in summer.

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  • Wow...interesting...I had a bad sore throat yesterday and today a little. I took zinc and vit c. I know that is boosting my immune system, but I think I need to keep a balance between anti inflammatory and immune help. So hard....hope you can get some answers.

  • Hi Natura, thanks for your reply. Your right it is strange, my sister also suffers in the same way and between us can't figure out why it happens! I will try boosting my immune system by eating fruits as I do.t seem to be able to tolerate vitamin supplements. (Think that's because of the liver problem) :(


  • Kitkat....could you share why because of liver problems you can't tolerate vitamin supplements

  • Natura I have an autoimmune condition called primary billiary cirrhosis, but is not caused by drinking (I've never had a hangover or smoked) but find taking cod liver oil, iron tablets and meds make me really ill. I never had a issue before. Nowadays everything leaves me in real agony and at times don't know what to think.

  • Natura does this site have a private messaging option?

  • Not sure...I think u can send a private message when u hit envelope and put in my name..

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