This is what happens when you go to the er with lupus and a kidney infection

This is what happens when you go to the er with lupus and a kidney infection

The bills will 4 ever make you in debt.i wad cleared for everything the doctor's and hospital did. Apparently not this is why I would rather take my chances at home. Unknown of what's wrong this time. I wait until I feel like I might die. Can anyone afford this every other month? I'm on disability already. I'm supposed to be covered. Now my fiance marrying me will ruin his credit and as for us being able to buy a home to raise our daughter, completely out of the question. This is our American nightmare not a damn dream!

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  • Are you on Medicare, Medicaid or both? Sometimes they send bills they are not allowed to send. Also, what state are in? When I was in the hospital, I got just mind blowing bills. I had seizure and I was a bit scrambled from the seizure and the disease that was causing the seizure, so I pretty much ignored them until they got to my copayment which I couldn't afford either. I called the billing department and explained I was unemployed. No one sent me another bill. So take a breath. Figure out what you are supposed to be paying, and it is more than you can pay, call the billing department.

  • All I can do is send much sympathy and hope this is a billing mistake. Without the NHS I would have been bankrupt and on the streets long ago. A gentle hug for you.

  • It's hard to ignore but if I harp on it I get too stressed out and it makes me sic K I panick..

  • Ohio I call I stay on the phone for hrs nobody ever resolve the problem.They all seem to day well maybe it was labs or your MRI..Whatever it is I'm not speed to be billed. Nobody I talk to does anything.All they say is well you're on SSI SSDI It's illegal for anyone to garnish your wages! !! That's not the point.

  • Apply for medicare and medicaid and yes if you are in a state that does not have expanded medicaid thrn they will bill you after they have taken out gor partial services speak to a case manager that can assist you with that i pray you get well this disease Lupus is no joke on all levels thanks for sharing

  • I'm on both and it doesn't matter they don't help me.I have to just ignore the bills. When I call they don't help me.

  • You can apply for financial aid. And Olso apply for charitable most Hospitals.Hope you feel better.

  • Thank God for the NHS

  • Medicare is the only way to go once you are disabled. Also stay in contact with the billing department to get advise about possible programs or discounts for your situation. Hopefully you have a doctor that will advise you of how to handle some of the ailments that may occur before needing to go to an emergency room. Communication with your Rheumatologist is important throughout your journey with Lupus. I am still controlling my Lupus for 34 years. Wishing you the best and keep your focus on your future.

  • If you are on disability you should have Medicare. If indigent Medicaid.

    Sorry honey.

  • I do I still get billed I can't resolve it.

  • I'm on both! When I call they say" I'm sorry I was given this by the hospital. They can't help me ever! This is one of the smaller bills.I have insurance Medicaid and Medicare, it's combo United health care.It doesn't matter I stay on the phone all day and it Benet gets resolved.Its a waste of time to even try. This has happened so many times now. I have to file bankruptcy. .I have been switched back and forth.Its BS

  • If you are dual eligible for Medicare and Medicaid they shouldn't be sending you any bills, and you don't owe any money. I used to have Medicaid HMO from United Healthcare, and the customer "service" reps were just awful. One suggestion I have is to Google Lupus Foundation Ohio. When I was younger I got a lot of help from the Lupus Foundation in NYC. You can see if they can help you advice on getting this billing situation sorted out. Does the hospital have social workers or patient advocates? My rhuematology department in NYC had a good social work department, and gave me some good help. Try not to stress to much. This will get straightened out.

  • FaceTime me to them before I get Labs or before I get MRIs to approve it and then they give me the paperwork says I'm approved I sign off on the paperwork and then they bill me this is happened over and over again and then when I had surgery on my kidneys the bill was $60,000 for the machine if they had to use to blast the stone that bills on my credit and it was after I had Social Security and I had both Medicaid and Medicare and they still build me and then when I called about it they said the hospital isn't putting the code in right and then I called the hospital and they said we don't know what you're talking about and so that's all the answers I get it and then it just goes on my credit it sucks

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