How to feel stupid when shopping!

Well, how embarassing, I went to the local corner shop and butchers because I knew I didn't feel up to walking around the large supermarket.

Well, at the till, I knocked over the 4 pint of milk I was buying, spilling it all over the shop floor, I dropped the change when the assistant put it in my hand, then fell to the floor when I tried to pick up the loose change.

Needless to say I felt really embarrased when a man tried to help me get up, especially when I fell again into the counter and back down to the floor.

With help I managed to get up and leave the store, with leaking milk, broken eggs and a bruised ego.

Damned Lupus - I looked like a drunk and felt really stupid!

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  • Try to think in a positive way - at least you tried and in the process l am sure you brought a few chuckles into what was a boring day 4 others, have a brew and a sit down and chill now its all over . : )Tomorrows another day ! x

  • Awwww, you poor thing, I know it was embarrassing at the time but you'll see the funny side soon, lupus is a nightmare, I agree.

  • O'ek!!!!! lupus sure does funny things to us. Hope you had a cuppa after your fall and settled down for the afternoon. X

  • I'm sorry honey but I found that hilarious! It's comforting 2 know that it's not just me who seems 2 have the knack of destroying everything in my path at times ;) Big hugs my lovely x

  • I'm afraid I laughed too, and at least if you were drunk there would be an explanation and you could get better quickly.

    Take care,


  • How horrible, puts you off going out doesn't it. look on the bright side you could have been carrying some alcohol ; -)

    I did laugh though, it is the sort of thing I would do

  • O Lord what a shopping trip, and I thought I was having a lupie day!

    You just have to have a sence of humour other wise what would we do. Sorry I laughed also.

    Hope your feeling ok.

  • Oh sorry I.laughed as well .. but I know how u feel .. I did the same last night .. luckily at home .. husband I was off to Airport instead of bed .. stood up took a step and knee gave way .. hurt my neck as I went down (its agony from falling down the stairs anyway), stood up and fell over again as my big toe was agony .. he sat there and wrote it.on the list for rhumie lol ... hope Ur ok today x

  • That's exactly like me Jem, some of the things I come out with now, my other half laughs his head off. Some little examples: I had a bath running & was downstairs sorting out tea so I asked the other half 2 run up & turn the pump off (tap).

    Quite often ask 4 the washing 2 b taken out of the machine & put in the oven 2 dry (not quite sure why as my tumble dryer DOES work now!)

    Telling the kids they have that red stuff that I have 2 put in the fridge over night & scoop out of the bowl 4 dessert (could not 4 the life of me remember the word 'Jelly' or even think of anything else such as 'wobbly stuff' etc & I was the 1 getting pi**ed off that they didn't know what I was on about lol!) bless their hearts, thank God they know mummy aint all there sometimes ;0) x

  • that happened to me at my dads funeral, in the church i had to hang onto the pew for support, all my family thought i was p****d. I was so embarrassed, but i managed to compose myself by the time we got to the cemetery.

  • Awww bless yeh!!! I also laughed! Sorry! But it all sounds so normal!!! Now thats scary!!! Hope you didn't hurt yourself, and its just the ego that's bruised! Well done for going the shop though :) x

  • Hi, i really feel for you as my shopping experiences are so similar to yours :( its definantley upsetting and totally embarrassing. I hate the fact that im so glumesy and so loud :( people stare at me and im sure they think im drunk or on drugs its just so horrible. I wont stop going thou and well done for going and doing your own shopping, i think the local shop staff will get to know you and except you. I told them that i have lupus and am clumsy so no when I walk in my local shops i have noticed they have moved things out of my way lol they behave much more helpful (like hold my carrier bag open ) which is much nicer :) take care xxxx

  • I did giggle when I read this. Must have been slightly embarrassing - hope you've got over it :)

  • Sorry babe, I hate shopping people are in such a rush and don't realize there are days when we can't because we look well.

  • So sorry to hear this, u seem like a confident and positive person, dnt let this get u down.. I know people who dnt hav lupus and still makin mistakes.... Keep well and dont let it get u down, Im counting on you to pick me up too kn my bad days....

  • bless u,i now how you feel as ive been saying some right beauties at work latley; ( i work in a shop)

    "ive put the milk in the shed" ment in the chiller!

    " ive rinsed the bakes and ciscuits" ment cakes and biscuits

    as for the items ive dropped, im now banned from putting out eggs!! lol. x

  • Thanks for the many replies to this blog. It was really embarassing at the time, and on reflection I know I have to see the funny side, despite it being hard to do so at the time.

    I thought I was doing really well at reading my symptoms, and if things are really bad I won't go out at all, but having been rotten (GP diagnosed sciatica!? when my hip/leg/knee wouldn't work and caused agonising pain) for a few days prior I was feeling better and was taken aback when this happened to me.

    Will have to get better at reading my body, i've often lost balance at home, but never had this in public before, scary to feel like such a liability.

    But hey-ho, maybe this is a new part of the SLE that I need to get used to, and if it si to be regular feature then I'll have to start laughing about it.


  • I was leaving my friends kids party yesterday and tried to give everyone a peck on the cheek as I left. I was feeling tired and dizzy by the end though and I must have misjudged the distance and managed to head butt three of them instead!...including the birthday boy! :(....My face/head hurt driving home!..I wonder how they all felt?!!

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