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Does anyone have trouble sleeping more than 4 hours a night?

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I am getting tired of waking up every night. At the beginning of this week, I couldn't breathe, and that was waking me up. Now, I am breathing better, but still waking up after 4 hours of sleep. Why can't I sleep? So annoyed....

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Sorry to hear that. I have been like that all my life, sometimes to my advantage, sometimes not. In the past I used the fact that all that I seemed to need was around 4 hours to build my career, I could easily work 20 hour days for months on end, just so long as I could binge sleep a weekend away once in a while. Now though as I try to accept, adapt and allow my lifestyle to slow down, I have to admit it does get in the way somewhat, and yes it can now be quite irritating, especially as nowadays I seem to need an afternoon nap to be able to exist.

Yup...Adrian...I do nap every day...just hope it doesn't happen when I am driving..ha! My whole life I get sleepy driving in the early afternoon...try not to be on the road then...may be doing that today unfortunately. Can't help it, daughter invited to party at the beach in the Hamptons. And my other daughter wants to drive out to Montauk to walk on the beach..ugh! Pray for me so that I will stay awake on my way home. Maybe I will take a nap on the beach under my umbrella...

OOps. Had a couple of those fall asleep at the wheel incidents a lot of years ago and have the scars to prove it! It has only happened once recently and luckily my partner was able to keep me awake until we could pull over for her to take the wheel. You take it easy and be safe


Sometimes there isn't a reason Natura, :-( but it is so frustrating. I've just gone through a period like that myself, I groan when I look at the clock and it says 4am or 5am especially when I don't have to be up until 7.30am. Grrr.

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Sazzy...sorry this is happening to you too...very frustrating tossing. I usually get up if I toss for an hour.

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sazzyb in reply to Natura

I know, I should really, but I keep telling myself 'I'll give it a few more minutes...' then I probably finally fall asleep about 7am for half an hour. Such torture. :-D

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I too have SEVERE insomnia tossing and getting up as many as 6 times per night. Tried everything from simple to drugs, but being an opposite reactor I find horrible side effects from the sleep drugs, both prescription and not, so am left hanging. Got ahold of some CBD/THC cannabis chocolate chews which really work. I take one fourth of the dose and I sleep but, any bigger dose and I feel the effects of the THC which I don't like. The stuff is expensive and I have to drive far to find a legal dispensary. Yesterday I was so tired that I spent the day reading and sleeping. Not good in the physical scheme of things.

Does anyone have itchy skin patches?

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Natura in reply to 4373

My insomnia lessened with putting lavender oil on my feet every night. I also have a mister with a sleep oil. Give it a try. Worked wonders for me.

I do have an itchy spot on my left forearm comes and goes. I can feel bumps underneath the skin where it is irriated.

This disease is all over the body.

Do you nap during the day, tried natural remedies like lavender, have a comfy bed an pillow ?

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Kazp...I actually have some lavender to put in tea. Maybe I will try that tonite. Thanks..

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kazp in reply to Natura

yes do, i use lavender with other meds and I sleep too much I think !

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sazzyb in reply to kazp

Spot on kaz, Lavender is good. It's a smell I'm not overly keen on but it does work. I get the pure essential lavender oil, something like Kobashi, the cheaper stuff doesn't work for me. I sprinkle half a dozen drops on a tissue or my sheet, then stick it under my nose, deep calming breaths, and I eventually nod off. Is excellent in the bath too, a dozen drops in a nice warm bath last thing at night when the house is quiet and I can go to bed straight after. 20 mins soaking in a peaceful atmosphere, again - deep breathing, clear your mind of all your worries and niggles - you have to concentrate hard to do that sometimes - and just float. Wonderfully relaxing.

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Natura in reply to sazzyb

Sazzy...didn't think of buying the oil...I will have to try all of that, thanks..

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Thats great news

Have you tried amitryptiline at night? Chronic spine pain has caused me lifelong sleep trouble, but I sort of learned to put up with that cause I knew there was no way round it.

After a lot of trial & error treatment & procedures, we got the spine pain reduced...but even so, my sleep tended to remain in a broken pattern. Of course, I read a lot about techniques for better sleep & put that lifestyle stuff into practice...which sort of helped...especially avoiding caffeine & sorting my mattress/bedding out....and training myself not to get upset/anxious when I couldn't sleep (the better thing for me is to just get up, make a cuppa herb tea & read a bit)

But, more recently, when I was prescribed amitryptiline 20mg nightly for gyn & urinary tract probs, I found my sleep became A LOT less broken...and this trend has continued now, for at least 2 years on amitryptiline as well as my other daily meds

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Natura in reply to Barnclown

Good information Barnclown...will talk to doctor about. It doesn't happen all the time. Last night, I finally slept through..

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Aww don’t like that .. can’t wake up on it .. made me feel rubbish

I get this from time to time especially if I haven't eaten enough in the day - if I've been busy. I find eating something helps me to get back to sleep because my body seems to wake with a startle after about four hours. I wondered if it is when there is a surge in the electricity supply or something similar - I'm sure something causes it. I try to keep a banana in the house and eat that - I find it helps sometimes.

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Natura in reply to Cann

Interesting theory Cann...u might be onto something. I noticed I have no appetite in the day but eat meals anyway. And I will wake up in the he night hungry. So odd. I heard something about eating carbs before bed as a aid to help sleep.

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Cann in reply to Natura

Yes, for me eating when not hungry just causes bad symptoms, but eating when hungry seems to keep symptoms at bay. Bananas help rehydrate whereas some foods dehydrate and I have bladder/kidney problems, so only bananas seem to work in the night. I find I need the right amount of exercise, brainwork, food, liquid, etc. to sleep well and keep my symptoms at bay - difficult life!

Cann...I don't eat bananas anymore. Read somewhere avoid bananas with kidney disease.i don't technically have kidney disease, but keep my diet to that because I have scarred kidneys. Check information with dr.

Snap .. I don’t sleep well until I’m ill then I need hours !

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