Travel sickness

I suffered with travel sickness really badly as a child (as do a lot of children) and my mam always thought I would grow out of it but it stayed with me until I learned to drive. Only then did it leave me (I feel this is because when I am driving I am in control of braking/accelerating, therefore the movement). It also started to ease when being a passenger too until it had stopped altogether about 2-3 years ago.

However, recently it has returned with a vengence to the point I can not even take a short journey on the bus without feeling incredibly sick. I can not look at my fone or anything whilst moving as that makes it a million times worse.

I am wondering if any one else suffers with this? Is there a link between that and auto immune conditions? Just it is driving me mad and don't understand why it has suddenly returned!!

Thanks in advance for any replies. Take care xxx

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  • How strange! I have exactly this problem! Haven't been travel sick for years and years, but over the last 6 months, it's suddenly come back! By the time i get to work I want to vomit, and i get so scared when I am on the bus to work that i am going to puke on the person next to me. It's horrible. I did mention it to my consultant but he didn't really shed any light on it xx

  • Yes this is exactly how I feel, like at any moment I could just throw up. I spend the whole journey saying in my head 'please don't be sick, please don't be sick' and hoping the driver will go a bit faster so I can get off! I just thought it was odd how it has recently returned. I dread any journeys. I have to go visit my brother on sunday for my nieces birthday and it is a long bus journey (1 hour 45 mins each way) and I am not looking forward to it. I have even bought travel sickness tablets too. Was wondering if those wrist bands work for motion sickness that some pregnant woman wear, might have to try one of those. I was going to mention to rheumie next month but thought I would ask if anyone suffered anything similar. Does make you wonder if it is linked! take care xxx

  • Me too! I had major travel sickness as a child, which I thought I'd grown out of as a healthy adult. But when lupus came along, Wam Bam it was back with a vengeance. I find Boots travel calm tablets (hyoscine hydrobromide) are helpful. They can make you a bit sleepy, but that's fine by me. I still don't go on long journey though, as I get so exhausted & it can start off a flare.

  • It is always interesting to ask on here and find you are not alone in a symptom you are suffering! I bought some from boots yesterday called Kwells (I think) but they are also hyoscine hydrobromide so hopefully these will work! The pharmacist did say mixed with my other meds they will make me very drowsy but as I am not driving that is not a problem (hopefully make the journey pass a bit quicker!lol). I do avoid long journeys as the exhaustion afterwards is terrible, but as I moved away from family to go to uni I can't always avoid it! It is only a 40 minute drive in a car to my hometown but as the bus likes to do a magical mystery tour it takes nearly 3x as long :-( xxx

  • I hope the tablets work for you, & that you have a lovely time with your family. X

  • Thank you :-) xx

  • I have this exact problem--just as you have described above, I had motion sickness a bit when I was young then didn't have any issues at all until my lupus flared 6 years ago. Now I can't do anything at all in the car of I feel sick rest of the day and sometimes just the motion makes me nauseous. My rheumatologist didn't think this was lupus related--but it's interesting to see others with the same situation. Hope it improves--one thing I have noticed is that it ebbs and flows with my other symptoms.

  • It does sound odd that rheumies think it is not linked but yet there are people who have it as a symptom! I took the travel sickness tablets to and from on thr bus yesterday so did not feel too bad but when I got home I felt quite light headed and a bit sick! Mine too seems to ebb and flow with my other symptoms. Take care xxx

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