OUCHIE..so much things...Jaw below ear area is killing me, what?

Ok...was ok last night...just tried to have brunch..my jaw line on left, close to ear is real hurting me when I chew over there..Its not my teeth, been to dentist recently...HOLY IT HURTS!!! I seem to have spit, so that's good, I guess...New stuff all the time...dumb arse bowels, now this....I have mild lupus and hypothyroid...I did notice some time ago on right cheek a funny raised white patch (in the hollow area)...I thought old lady discoloring..lol

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  • Hi, I had something that sounds similar to what you are describing. In my case the pain became excruciating and the area very swollen after a few days of initial tenderness. The GP gave it a name of Parotitis and I needed antibiotics to get rid of it. If it is still painful do go to your GP for advice. Recently when I was flaring the area became tender again. Hope you feel better soon.

  • oh thank you loopy- lou....I took a diclofenac anti inflammatory, and haven't gone near food since..See how we swing in next little while...I was stressing over something...

  • Hi dgleds - we sufferers are prone to Sjogren's syndrome which can cause inflamed parotid salivary glands i(n the cheek) - sometimes it needs antibiotics- all the best with it. I see you've been stressing. The best advice I can give is to be kind to yourself and try to get a few minutes a day of complete relaxation.

  • Thank you...

    so far the anti inflam helped, but see what happens tomorrow...Holy that sure hurts there, when it hurts...

  • Hey ! I have jaw issues too. I have SLE and I had issues with my jaw, it was painful and locked closed on occasion . I was diagnosed with TMJ.

  • Today is (relatively so far) a good day and would generally think of returning to work if it wasn't for one remaining symptom. When I am ill my jaw locks and clicks very loudly at the slightest movement, now if it wasn't for the fact that this persists I would think that I was finally starting to pull myself around.

  • Me again, had this too. Sjorgrens is one culprit, with lupus as well. Any bit of your body, ie... Skeleton, soft tissues, organs, , can get inflamed. Very painful. ( stones in saliva glands, another cause.)

  • Every joint can become inflamed, including the jaw.

  • Hi y'all! I was diagnosed with TMJ, first by ENT and then my dentist, who made me a special mouth guard to wear. I was in SO much pain, jaw locking and clicking. The relief from this devise was almost immediate and I was told to wear it day and night for three weeks and then when sleeping or napping. All this came about before Lupus diagnosis. I went to ENT first because my ear was hurting, inside, and nothing helped the pain. He looked in my ear and said, "it's not your ear...it looks fine. Open you mouth" which I did and it hurt and clicked and he said "you have TMJ and a good dentist can help you". Luckily I found a good dentist!

  • I had a friend had TMJ, and they did some kind of face surgery to her.

  • I too get painful jaw and face to mention it ,

    Also very very painful ear canals ? Have had it on an off for few months one , ear then the other sometimes both.....have spray to use, gp says infection in ear, but its happening every other wk now? Hope u feel better soon

  • ok well...all good to know and thank you. I don't see my Rhumey till beginning of July, cause he's going on vacation. I have no Gp of my own, and guy that sees me most seems afraid he will get in trouble if he orders too many tests, (gov cutbacks here in bc/Canada where I now live)..Occasionally i get to see this one GP that is a doll, and by mistake I think I have been booked with him in a week!!!! Yayy fingers crossed, he seems to know more about lupus. Crap sleep last night, better not have jaw pain today;(

  • I have problems with my jaw joint I was told by Manchester dental hospital many years ago that is was called " tempro mandible joint dysfunction syndrome ". Mine started way back in 1986 when my jaw locked and wouldn't open fully so I could only have fluids for a couple of weeks, at least it's under control now but still gives me pain sometimes xxxx hope you get yours sorted too xx love to all you lupus sufferers out there my thoughts are with you xxxxx

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