what is happening to me

cant understand my body at the minute . dread each day and what its going to bring . sorry if i am making people miserable but had a breakdown last night .thought it would help me if i write my feelings down and hopefully get some useful info back . seen my dermy on friday who is now asking my gp to refer me to a rheumy what can i expect from this at my wits end with it all please any one help

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  • you need to contact your GP if you are feeling like this. I am sure people on this site can and will offer support but I THINK you need professional help.. I THINK fear of the unknown is the worst thing.. you need support and with a diagnosis of some kind you will no more were you stand

    Take care x

  • thanks summer i know i have something going oni which isnt right.i was sent for a camera which shown i have duodenitis, gastritis and helicobactor pylori which i have medication for .i saw my dermy on friday who i gave a list of problems as long as my arms he seems to think i have systemic lupus but like a lot of people on this site i dont understand the jargon of the positive or negatives aof testings there seems to be no end to it at the min hope i dont have to wait to long for diagnosis and have an understanding rheumy thanks again x

  • Acceptance is the key to emotional well being. You are ill and you cannot fight it head-on. You will get your life back and you will be a happy creative and productive person. But some days all you can do is let it all wash over you, wait it out and pick up the threads later.

  • wise words from Thaddeus. The trying to intellectualise, to reason things out will cause even more problems for you. The medical profession do not know all the answers. The one thing you have to have is belief in yourself, you know your own body so if there is something wrong you have to find the energy to fight almost for a diagnosis and treatment. Get as many family and friends on your side as you can - talk about your problems, you'll need their help and strength. Rest on the bad days, do more on the better ones. I think we all feel like hyperchondriacs at times - which we're not. It can be a long road to diagnosis and the correct treatment. Hugs xxx

  • Thank you Thaddeus and Guildford for you very wise words and support. i have been to my gp who informs me its not lupus having been told by my dermatologist that it is ??not sure what or who to believe but came away with some mood stabilisers for good measure i think only people on here have a true understanding of how we all feel thanks again for you advice xxx

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