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LUPUS, what can I do for the fatigue!

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I have had lupus since 2011 the chronic fatigue sucks! I am never not tired, more so exhausted and I don't do anything! Does anyone know of any magical energy pill that your taking to make you yourself again? I long to be the person I once was and I have a 10-year-old and I feel like I am the worst role model ever! I'm currently on 60 mg of Cymbalta 10 mg of amitryclin c 3 µg of Synthroid any comments or suggestions for energy would be greatly appreciated

11 Replies
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plaquinil worked for me(hydroxychloroquin) sp...I have almost all my energy back so far

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Hi. I completely understand how you feel, I was so fatigued for years then I was put on mycophenolate mofetil along side plaquenil and still also prednisilone which I am reducing every month, currently on 5mg. It's the best I have felt since becoming ill 4 years ago. Can't believe it, thought my life was over and that I was always going to feel like that. They might need to review your meds, I used to take methotrexate which didn't really work just made me feel awful so they changed it. Also when I took amitryptiline that made me very groggy and tired all the time but that could just be me.


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What dose Amitryptilline did you take? I take it at night and have trouble waking up but don't know if its that or the Lupus. I cant sleep without it so its a bit of a catch 22.

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I used to take the lowest dose 10mg at night, it helped me sleep really well but was so groggy and wiped out all the next day, was awful. They can give you something else to help you sleep x

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Thanks x

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Plaquinil for sure. Also ask to be tested for Vit D deficiency and anaemia. Both can cause extreme fatigue. I have been treated for both at various times with a dramatic improvement to my fatigue levels. Also thyroid function should be checked. These three are all fixable and plaquinil/Hydroxychloriquine a lupus staple for most of us. Only after all this will you have a clear picture of what you actual fatigue levels are. Ps. I have done all this. I dtill have fatigue but nothing like before xx

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Sorry, I've answered to your other post within post but I quickly reply here too. Your meds are for fibro, not for lupus. Your GP should send you to a rheumatologist who should put you on the correct meds. Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) for example, helps a lot with the fatigue once it takes effect (usually in about 2 months after starting).

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Perhaps you could look at diet. What do you eat?

I notice you posted early hours of the morning. How have you tried to deal with sleep issues?

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Hi you're not on your own. The chronic fatigue never goes away for me either . I just there was a magic cure for it. It doesn't matter how long I sleep it never helps. I've has lupus most of my life & kidney transplant 18 years. If you find a cure for it please please pass it on too me !

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The vitamin D deficiency is definitely worth checking out; I felt *so* much better once that got sorted. Good luck!

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My fatigue was getting real bad found it hard to even stand at times and the troubles I was having with stomach was getting worse, until I stopped taking tramadol it's getting better now but still a problem, stopped taking tramadol 2 weeks ago I hope it continues to get better and I hope you can find something to help with yours.

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