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Can anyone please tell me what a high urate level in my blood means?


I have been suffering with blood in my urine for some time, and always have a UTI a week before each period. My nephrologist is concerned I may have LN and wants to biopsy me next time I start bleeding. I am hoping to avoid a biopsy and another attack as it leaves me feeling very poorly. Could a result of 365 evidence kidney difficulties? FWIW I also have low phosphate and low serum folate, and Anti Centre Protein B Antibodies. I have APS confirmed. Are these results that may get me confirmation on SLE so I can finally get some medication?


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Hi Bonnie39,

I can't answer most of your questions, sorry!

My understanding was that high serum urate levels were associated with Gout. Information about renal failure is obtained by dipstiking the urine, most importantly for blood and protein, and checking serum Urea and Electrolytes ( U&E'S). The eGFR is the best indicator of renal function, results like potassium and creatinine are important too. A high serum phosphate is more likely in renal failure than low.

Good luck in finding answers.


High urate? Meaning Uric acid? If so, the Uric acid sits in between your big toe and your foot and makes your toe turn in. Cherry supplements will help with that. I had protein and blood in my urine. Found out I had scarred kidneys from constant UTIs. Thought was kidney disease, till my kidney dr said I would be fine. Kidneys get big and expand to make up scarred areas inefficiency. Very interesting. I have not had a problem with UTIs anymore (about a year) since I take a cranberry supplement every day. Keeps bacteria from sticking to walls. May help you.

Natura in reply to Natura

Also, I take a natto k enzyme to keep my blood clotting normally. My brothers are on blood thinners. Good luck.

I seem to remember that kidney biopsy is one of the tests for SLE when kidney function is affected. Lupus nephritis is the technical term for inflammation of the kidneys (a part of the kidney called nephrons). Lupus nephritis is one of the more dangerous aspects of lupus. I have had 2 kidney biopsies, one when it was first diagnosed and another about 8 years later during a Lupus nephritis flare.

It will probably show in blood pressure as well which would be worryingly high. Lupus nephritis is a lot more serious than waterworks infections and is nothing to do with cystitis, the disturbing part is that sometimes a person with Lupus nephritis can actually feel reasonably well, but it is dangerous.

This is probably the main reason a lupus clinic will always take blood pressure and test urine on each visit. Because a person with Lupus nephritis may say they feel OK.

Well my BP has historically been on the floor, so a "normal" BP is high for me. Hypotension caused me a lot of problems before I got ill. I have had periods where I literally pee pure blood, although protein levels have not been all that high. Repeated UTIs saw me referred for a cystoscopy and CT scan which came back normal, so the most likely cause is LN (according to my thrombo and nephrologist. Because I also have APS I have to avoid cranberry (reacts badly with warfarin). I do not have gout at all, but saw how bad that is when my husband had it a few years back! Dipsticks are apparently not that reliable, so next attack will mean a proper lab investigation on a sample. Just don't want any more blood in my pee or potentially more damage to my kidneys.

If you are identified with kidney problems you will be advised to go on a low-protein diet because of the impaired ability of your kidneys to cope. However, high uric acid levels primarily result from excess carbohydrate intake, in particular fructose which also causes fatty liver and insulin resistance.

Minimise your fructose intake, and keep your carbohydrate intake between 35g to 45 g for each of 3 meals. Avoid high-glycaemic foods that cause excess insulin release, causing high blood pressure and narrowing arteries by promoting growth of the endothelial layers.


Dear Concerned,

What is Bonnie39 meant to eat if she cuts down both protein and carbohydrate?

Thanks Concerned. The thing is I am (and have always been) vegetarian, so in al honesty my protein intake has always been a touch on the low side.

This may be a bit too graphic but are you absolutely sure the blood is coming from your bladder and not your vagina? Have you been assessed for menorrhagia?

Also have you had a bladder ultrasound?

Menorrhagia could cause anaemia and hypotension and it would make sense that you noticed the blood before your period.

Menorrhagia is common for women on warfarin.

That test where a camera goes in the bladder, I don't think its called ultrasound but it looks in the bladder to see if anything there that should not be there, and see if it is getting urine down out of the kidneys properly.

Haha - thanks Herb. I have had a cystoscopy (camera up to my bladder) and a CT scan - nothing untoward there.

I wondered if there was a problem with my cycles, so I used a tampon to be sure and it definitely was not from there. It was absolutely certainly in with my urine.

From these tests it was clear there was nothing wrong with my bladder and ureathra, which just leaves the kidneys. Each time a bleed is preceded by a confirmed UTI.

Ouch, sorry to hear this.

I don't know much about those blood tests you are talking about but you have got APS and on warfarin, you see a kidney specialist so I would have thought you were in the right place.

The fact that it happens just before your period could be relevant if there is something gynecological which is triggering the UTIs. Have you seen a gynecologist about it?

Kidney specialists are often knowlegeable about SLE, if he or she thinks you may have LN this could lead to a diagnosis of SLE, but you would probably need the biopsy to get the dignosis. It isn't a very difficult procedure and you may be able to get it done as a day case. It's probably worth considering, unless you want to go down the gynecologist route.

Yes. Had a cystoscopy and ct scan. They suspect problem is at a microscopic level in my kidneys

Thanks for this latest. Apparently because of the warfarin I am a high risk patient and would require at least a week in hospital.

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