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Lupus and cancer


Five years ago I developed breast cancer, having had lupus for 15 years by the. Went through chemo.

, radiotherapy, herceptin , and found the strangest thing was that I felt littler worse than normal. A lot of the chemo drugs are actually medications for lupus, but too strong to give nor mammy.

Lately my lupus has gone to town on me. It is called systemic lupus erythmosus and it has basically attacked everywhere.

I have now been told that the breast cancer has come back, but in the lungs and liver. Treatment is complicated by the lupus.

So the time I have left could be quite complicated.

I!m writing this having just seen the consultants, so it is a bit !sorry for myself!

I'm a devout Christian - even if I wish God would stop testing me so much - so I would appreciate your prayers at this time.


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Bless you my darlin my thoughts go out to you xxxx


Hi Margaret, my prayers are with you. If you can't feel sorry for yourself at a time like this, when can you???? Very interesting about chemo meds. Does your consultant think your cancer is caused by the lupus? Don't feel you have to answer that by the way. I hope some relief can be sorted for you, and I wish you better.

Oh, Margaret, this is dreadful, I'm so sorry you're going through this. We all fear cancer and we know that lupus enhances the risk, let alone causes complications in terms of treatment. I hope you're not in physical pain, I know that the soul pain at having your life impacted so much by this is inconsolable. I don't know what to wish you other than strength to go through it, everything else is a gamble.

Margaret....I am so sorry...will keep you in my prayers daily. I have seen many recover from these cancers. There are better treatments today for cancer than ever...keep praying. God will guide you, and give you strength through this most difficult time. I pray a lot these days, and wonder what God's plan is for me too.

God Bless you. Sending love and light and healing well wishes xxxx

God bless you x

Such dreadful news Margaret, sending healing thoughts and positive vibes to you. Never lose hope. xx

Praying for you. Big big hugs xxxxx

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