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Anyone with lupus qualified for a disabled parking badge?

Hi, the fatigue and joint pains get do bad, i wish i could park closer to shops etc. if anyone knows about this, please can u let me know? Many thanks x

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Hi, l have just had my replacement disable badge renewed, l thought with the new criteria they may not have replaced it, as my old one ran out. When filling in the form you need to say how it is on your worst day, l could not be without mine, also l stated that sun light made me really ill, so needed to park as close to shops to avoid the sun light. And explained about the terrible fatigue l suffered, and how ill l was at times. Hope this helps you good luck, let me know if your successful. Lucymay

Yes I have had my blue badge for 8 years and could not be without it. As the above said you must put what it's like on your worse day. Good luck.

Thanks to you both for your responses.

Can I ask what meds you are on and if you have severe mobility problems? I don't have major mobility problems - and still work full time too - but just about!!!! I walk around like a zombie 99% of the time and my legs feel like they are going to give. I'm weak and shaky most of the time and have memory , cognitive and balance problems. The fatigue is awful - and yes the sun is a good thing to put on the form. Do you think I have enough - or do you have to be on steroids or have real severe disability to get the badge? Can you help?

Thank you! x

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what makes you think balance and feeling shaky is not considered a mobility issue . ? if you didn't feel shaky or unbalanced you would probably be running around like a spring chicken unless the zombie inside you says no you don't chum 😱😱@ i hope you get your badge luv you deserve it

I have a disabled badge but I have to use a wheelchair for shopping so I qualify through that if you find you can't walk more that 50mtrs without a walking aid then you would probably qualify too, look up blue badge on your local council website it will probably show what the qualification for your councils blue badge scheme is as it does seem to differ from council to council although the actual questions are country wide based good luck I hope you get one xx

I've had a badge and it's been renewed twice. I had a simple form to complete and then a visit to a dr. I have joint pain and walk with a limp at times. I also have fatigue at times. I tend to always be in some discomfort. I was honest and was awarded it and it makes life a lot easier - especially getting to work. I tend to not use it if I'm having a very good day - but have got caught out because you never know when the fatigue will hit or the pain and it's a nightmare getting to the far end of the tesco carpark!

Contact your local council and they'll talk you through.

Best wishes x

I think different local authorities have slightly different criteria, but if like others have said you outline your worst day i think you stand a very good chance of getting one. I applied just over a year ago and was given one which has been invaluable, it cost £10 where I live. Mine runs until 2016. It really helps for hospital visits etc as I can park close to buildings. I had applied for DLA at the same time and they refused that, Blue Badge is distributed by individual authorities so any other benefits you may or may not get are not a guide. Check out you local website.

I have a blue badge but I know the criteria has now changed and it's got stricter same as bus passes but always put your worst day down

My rheum just filled out the DMV paperwork and i got a temporary one for six months while undergoing sure he will extend it out if needed.i have SLE and have been in bad shape for a long long time.

Hi singlemumloopy,

I applied for a blue badge last summer when my mobility was at it's worst. I also got awarded the high rate of mobility of dla for a year which warrants a blue badge although you don't need this. Go to your local council and apply for one as I'm sure you'd be eligible and I got mine for 3 year's. Good luck.

Have been thinking of applying for a blue badge for a couple of weeks now but was unsure if i'd qualify. I don't receive any benefits. I have SLE, renal transplant due to SLE killing off my kidneys, get scleritis and iritis attacks in my eyes, am light sensitive, have asthma, collapsed areas of lungs and am under cardiology for tests as I have problems with any exertion causing extreme breathlessness, my heart goes nuts and my blood pressure goes to dangerous levels. The cardiologist thinks this is angina or GHD, heart disease caused by the transplant and meds Im 49 yrs old. I work part time. Does this get a blue badge?

I have a blue badge and i have SLE

I have a Blue Badge. As lupus is becoming more known a lot of the authorities have a list of conditions that are usually automatically excepted which is helping. Another good thing is to get support from your doctor. If he agrees with you they usually contact them for a second opinion and he will then give his support or your rheumatologist so hope you have a good one

Finally as above describe your worse day it really helps I some times think because I am not in a wheel chair I should not apply but it's about being able to still get some quality of life and being able to still get out. If the result is you will be stuck inside without it getting depressed and wallowing then it is also about your mental health it's worth mentioning as well

I've had mine for around 3years now, and was awarded it when I was in f/t employment, largely because it enabled me to remain in work. The car park in relation to my office was a good 5 minutes walk that included hills/inclines. This basically meant when I got into work I was fit for nothing, and I recall being at my desk delaying going home as I wasn't sure how I'd get back to my car. Having the badge meant I was able to park outside my office in one of the limited disabled spaces available, but it was invaluable.

Now i've finished work due to SLE and there are times when I do not use the space/badge if I'm feeling I can walk further to the regular parking spaces. But as someone else said, I've been caught out in having to walk further when I've suddenly felt unable to get back to my vehicle. So give it a go, ask your GP to support it and you may get it.

All the best.

The harassment of the chronically ill for using disabled parking spaces has to stop.

Good thing that you are in UK. I'm in Florida-US, its 13 hours sunny and hot in this time of year. I asked my rheumatologist last month about handicap parking sign, she wasn't approval for the sunlight can cause joint pain, flares and fatigue. Also, in US application only approve for people can't completely walk, not particulous for lupus sle likes I'm.

So I only can come out before 9 am and after 8 pm when UVF low and not too hot outside.

Get form from dmv have dr fill out, or sign i got one too and am on disability

I had one when I was first bad, 10 years ago since I had it, DLA meant you could get one high mobility, also disability officer in university said to me if I got the form and got the GP to sign it that’s another way if u can’t get the benefit. I don’t have one anymore just I look so young and to much bother with the public.

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