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Has anybody heard of Morphea

I have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Morphea. I was given a prescription called Metrotrexate. This disease has affected my skin. I get red patches that look alive every summer. With this medicine it has calmed it down a lot. Last night I woke up with a severe sharp pain right below my right breast cavity traveling to my backside and shoulder. and especially hurts when I take a deep breath or Lay down in a certain position. Does anyone recommend anything or have any ideas what this pain can be?

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Methotrexate can affect the lungs so I'd seek medical advice Chita x


It also affects the liver-are you getting regular bloods taken??


The only concern I have is your description of the severity. A pulling sensation could be referred pain from a rib being "out" (of alignment) something easily fixed by a chiropractor. But what you describe is nothing to mess around with and I am not a medical professional. The pain with a deep breath is also a clue. Does it in your back or rib area when you take a deep breath? Please see a medical professional. Don't screw around with this but don't ignore the chiropractic aspect. Keep in touch.


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