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Inside of my mouth has turned yellow any advice would be grateful

I have been having back pain and bad stomach cramps a few days now also feeling very hot and tired, with a very bad headache on the right side of my head. I put it down to doing too much on Wednesday. Whilst cleaning my teeth this morning I noticed the roof of my mouth inside cheeks and throat are yellow. Has anyone had this and what should I do

I just want to sleep

Thank you in anticipation of your help

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Ooh, sounds like something you should get checked out with the doc as soon as possible if you can?

Hope you get it sorted and feel better soon, poor thing!



Didn't realise thrush could be yellow too. I get it and I find a natural aloe and teatree toothpaste helps (posted something about it a while back lupusuk.healthunlocked.com/... )

Hope things improve soon xx


Hello Luupysue

This sounds like a Thrush infection, and could explain quite a lot of things if some quarters are to be believed. Thrush is of course a yeast infection and a sign of a crap immune system. Try to avoid eating sugary things

I use sodium bicarb once or twice a week to keep my mouth in good shape.

But his is something you really should speak to your doc about.


I get thrush in the mouth because of the steroids I take I get white spots in the mouth my mouth has never been yellow x


This sounds like tonsillitis. Check out your symptoms.


Hi I agree with Thaddeus,it does sound like thrush.I suffer with it all the time.

Please make sure you get it checked with your GP though.


sounds like thrush.. you will need a prescription for some anti fungal treatment.. in the mean time as it is the weekend you can gargle with solution of tea tree oil( naturally anti fungal properties or eat pro biotic yoghurt .


Thank you all I see the rhumy on Monday just hope my voice lasts that long been in bed since 4 last night so hopefully the voice and mouth will be 'back to normal' in the morning . If not I will go to the walk in center. How I wish I'd never heard of lupus let alone for it, guess we have to just get on with it and all life throws at us.

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Hi Luupysue this happened to me about a month ago i was told it was thrush was given anti fungal stuff and antibiotics mine took 3 weeks to clear up but i also had a really bad abces in my tooth did not help matters , but you need to get it checked out mine went to my throat to and its not nice, wish you well good luck xx


i just went to see a throat doc today and she told me my mouth was ok but the roof ,cheeks and my throat are yellow. and i cant eat spicy foods.it dosent bother me but i still feel something is wrong she want to that scope test.and dose your mouth dry up?


I don't know what it is but my throat is a clear light yellow shade and it is excruciatingly painful when I swallow to the point where I don't want to eat our drink anything


I have a clearly yellow tinge to the back of my throat and it is excruciatingly painful when I try to swallow. Any ideas on what this is?


I've never heard of thrush making you feel ill and want to sleep and giving you stomach cramps, the replies here are miss leading, this sounds similar to diphtheria. Hope you are over it and weren't too unwell as your post is several years old.


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