Cystoscopy and CT kidney scan booked. What to expect?

OK, you may recall I asked for advice on blood in urine 3 weeks ago? I am just starting my 3rd week long course of antibiotics and today was informed of a date for a cystoscopy to see what the cause of the problem is. GP is wanting to know because of the care that needs to be taken of our kidneys with SLE. I am now quite nervous of this procedure and unsure if the results will tell us what we need to know? I am also having a kidney CT scan in the morning.

I am glad that finally I am getting necessary investigations done but furustrated that other than warfarin for my APS and a host of other drugs and supplements for anaemia, hypoghyroid, low calcium etc etc I am getting no treatment for SLE despite GP finally accepting that I have SLE.

I also have my first follow up appointment at St Thomas this week so am hoping I will have at least the results from my scan available for him so he can hopefully start me on some treatment.

Honestly, next week is going to be a busy one with four seperate hospital appointments. I'm already exhausted!!

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hiya,i have nephritis and a year after been dx I started bleeding when weeing,none of the drs thought this was connecting to my nephritis but I had kidney ultrasounds and kidney and bladder xrays etc and a cystoscopy,it was fine,you lay on a bed they put a sheet over you for your dignity and put a numbing gel on,then a long small tube is inserted,you can see inside your bladder,mine lasted for no more than five minutes,it stings alittle that's all,no pain,luckily nothing was found and was told id proberly burst a little blood vessel,please do not worry,i know tests are horrible im having some at the moment but its good you are getting them,good luck xx


Hi bonnie, I had the cystoscopy done today, I've been getting UTI s for over a year, been on Antibiotics for the last three months, has SlE,APS, for thirty years, the test wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, they cover most of you, put numbing gel on you,felt a bit painful when inserted tube,but only for a minute, test was over in 5=10mins, was told result, nothing found (good news) still trying to find what's going on with UTIs, so painful at times, hope your test goes well and you have a good result, hope this helps.x


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