Online research study looking at social support and quality of life in people with lupus

Researchers at the University of Limerick in Ireland are investigating links between social supports and quality of life in individuals with lupus. They are inviting individuals with lupus to complete an online questionnaire about social support and well-being. If you can spare some time to share your experiences of lupus please click on this link:

They appreciate you taking the time to help provide insight into the role of social support in coping with lupus.

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  • Completed! Really interesting questions that made me think! I would encourage everyone with SLE to support this study by taking part.

  • Thanks for participating :)

  • thanks howardwill do

  • Survey done it could help US all in the future

  • Thanks for taking part :)

  • I completed the research questionnaire, and found the questions interesting and thought provoking, and wonder if any results/report could be published on this site to save the university the cost of distributing the report to individuals.

  • Thanks for taking part :) I have asked the researchers to share their findings with LUPUS UK. We would then be happy to share what they find.

  • Done!!! Good to see they are looking at the social problems that Lupus brings with it

  • Thanks for your help :)

  • just completed questionnaire, hope it helps. I too am curious about results x

  • Thanks for taking part :)

  • Completed , hope it helps :)

  • Thanks for participating :)

  • Done :)

  • Thanks for participating :)

  • Done, I would be really interested to see the results!

  • Thanks for taking part :) We've asked the researchers to share their findings with us, so hopefully we'll be able to give you an update at a later date.

  • Thanks Paul, it will be good to read the results.

  • Have completed and look forward to seeing the report.

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