Gallbladder lupus and fibromyalgia crp

I had my gallbladder removed in October and was so ill afterwards. That's when the started to discover the lupus and fibromyalgia. Just wondering if gallbladder problems are common with lupus or fibro. I have read a lot of stories on here about gallbladder removals. Also my crp levels have been high for over a year. Is this related to lupus or fibro?

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  • Hi there, the fibro is probably thryoid problems, the tests done for thyroid are not very good, and gallbladder problems are common with this, also it does often tag on to autoimmune and cause problems, the thyroid is often over looked if you do not pass the narrow tests! Mary F x

  • Thank you Mary. I will ask my doctor to do the thyroid test.

  • ok, but be aware many do not pass the tests, see this:

    Mary F x

  • i m having my op to remove gallbladder on wasn't my gp who found gallstones but a private dr .who knows how long my gp would have taken to diagnose gallstones?i have had lupus symptoms fro 18 months for a ENT consultant to tell me I didn't have sinusitis when that wasn't the problem .I now have thyroid symptoms which have also been dismissed.i my only hope is when i go to hospital the dr there will listen to me.

  • That sounds like your having a bad time of it. Are you in the uk? Have you seen a rheumatologist? I have learnt the hard way you have to put your foot down and tell them what you want. It's really hard but I did it and I got diagnosed 2 weeks ago. I started the pestering I October. So it takes some time. I hope you op goes well and you get the help you need xxx

  • Yes, I've had my gall bladder removed too.

  • op went ok and spent one night in hospital.tho they gave me no aftercare.dr said eat 5-6 small meals a I rang the hospital on Saturday and asked what do I do about getting dressings changed..was told "just take them off -you have dissolvable stitches" so I did .now have quite severe bruising around the 2 major incisions in my belly button and below my is also very sore to the left of my belly button.below the bruising is very purple and I don't know if its bruising or booked to see a dr today,the hospital said nothing to me about aftercare or a follow up appt.i thought after an op you would see the consultant again afterwards .in the meantime sitting with an ice pack on my tummy.

  • did they find anything else, then? You were worried about that....

  • no one said anything.i still want some answers from my dr when I next see him as to why he didn't investigate gallstones and why my symptoms aren't acknowledged.

  • no one said anything.guess that means theres nothing but I still ask why is my stomach so swollen?it is more so now as well as still being hard and lumpy after the op which no one warned me of.

  • feeling a lot worse today-same as before op but hard lumps around my belly button where they went in to do the op.crying today with pain and discomfort and thought of I know something else is going on.even got cuddels from my older dog-a rare event.believe they do sense something.

  • Hi, I hope I can add some info. First, your thyroid levels have every bearing on what your fibromyaliga is doing. Keeping that level WHERE YOU FEEL GOOD is important. I use 2 different doses of thyroid meds, every other day. Your gallbladder surgery will have an effect on your FMS. Any out of the ordinary function will create a flare. Simply the action of how your body was positioned for surgery could make you feel much worse than the surgery.

    I have been having a horrible fall with FMS but decided I could not figure things out when it got worse. Had an ultrasound today on the gallbladder, my dr felt this might be the issues...I have visited with other FMS patients and they also had ignored their symptoms, thinking it was all FMS. Rather, gallbladder. Doing research, it states it takes about 10 years for symptoms severe enough for you to pay attention to. There are a number of types of gallbladder issues/reasons. Some have dark green to black stones, some have light tan/gold in color. For the better part, it is the young smaller stones that we finally feel which gets our attention. The bigger stones tend to stay put unless they block the duct. So when you think about how long you were sick before hand, or how many years you ignored it, thinking IT WAS SOMETHING I ATE symptoms.

    You ask questions about your stomach swollen. Make sure you get answers, maybe need an ultra sound. I have a friend who had to have surgery x2. More stones decided to come along after her surgery and they raised havoc in that same area. Did not feel just right. Sometimes the sensory around points of surgery screams louder when you are sensitive. THis would be the factor of Fibromyalgia. The tiniest things could set off major pain. As long as you have no infection ongoing and the exterior is healing correctly, it might take some time. BUT listen to your own body responses and if you have concerns, go back to the doctors, until you get a proper answer. Hope this helps. MNGrandma from USA.

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