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Anyone having problems taking Alendronate (Alendronic Acid) for osteoporosis as a result of taking steroids for 14 years?

I suffered a spinal fracture last August and was told that it was probably because I'd been taking varying doses of steroids for 14 years for my SLE and APS. I was prescribed Alendronate, one tablet once a week but get bad nausea for 24 hours after taking it. Has anyone else had similar problems and if so, have you tried an alternative drug with less uncomfortable side effects?

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Hi, I was just prescribed this last week, I've only taken it once so far, and was okay taking it, didn't notice anything above gastric wind for around an hour after taking it. I did exactly as it said though and stood still for almost an hour without bending etc. Maybe it's worth speaking to your GP about an alternative?

All the best.


I had been on alendronic acid for nearly a year, having taking all the precautions, time wise that is, together with omeprazole, one weekly morning everything erupted, seven months ago. I am now clear of vomiting attacks but this has left me with inflamed gullet, stomach and duodenum, awaiting further tests. At times could not even keep water down. You MUST follow the patient information leaflet on these drugs, there are alternatives of chewable tablets but I found these unpalatable. I think perhaps there may be other alternatives so check with your GP. Best of luck, in my experience don't take this drug willy nilly.


Hi Rock hopper

I too had stomach problems taking Alendronic Acid and because I was taking a lot of other pills too I've been put on an infusion one that you have every 18 months called Zolendronate. Worth asking your Consultant about it. It's been a kinder way for me to have this type of drug!



Hi,many thanks for your reply. As you suggested, I will discuss this idea with my consultant.

Kind regards



I have just been taken off Alendronic acid, as I have recently fallen and broken my femeur. I have been on this drug for 13 yrs, take steroids, and have APS. My leg was getting very weak over 5 weeks, then just snapped , my Rheumatologist said there is new research to show bone thinning when taking Alondrenates with lupus, and on trawling the net I did find information on it, so I would discuss this with your Rheumatologist, as he should know, and should keep a close eye on your bone density levels. Hope you get sorted out soon.


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