Lupus....... Afro/Caribbean/Hispanic or like me Caucasian??? This illness affects everyone!!!! A little survey!!

Since diagnosis I have met or heard of so many Caucasian people having this illness and yet everything I read says that it mainly affects Afro/Caribbean, Asian or Hispanic backgrounds.....I have been diagnosed for a year now - I know many people from lots of different countries/cultures/backgrounds...I live in London and work in a very multi-cultural

company.....since diagnosis I have heard of only 1 Caribbean girl (someone at works, friends daughter-who very sadly passed away from complications to do with Lupus) and 5 other cases of Lupus or suspected Lupus:-

A young English girl of about 23 (just diagnosed) we met at a Rhuemy appt

My son's ex-girlfriends Grandmother (White-English)

My best friends husbands first wife's Mother in Law (White-English)

My husbands sister is being investigated for Lupus (White-English)

My brothers wife is also being investigated for suspected Lupus (Again White-English)

Now to me this sounds like something is going on here?? Either something to do with where I live (as all of the other white-english cases are from around this area) OR statistics are very wrong, and perhaps things are changing? I would like to find out more on this-not because I'm being nosey on your origins-but just to see if the statistics are right or if this is only happening in my area-Enfield-GTR London???


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22 Replies

  • I live in WILTSHIRE and was born here. Me and my neighbours daughter both have Lupus, me 20 years, her about 9 years. We are both white, English.

  • I have suspected lupus and im white English from Yorkshire :) I also got told its more common in other races. maybe they need to re-evaluate lol xx

  • yup and the age bracket for it is off too...

  • I'm English , but Granny was half Spanish ... I know a whole mix of people. It's predominantly those races but anyone can get it. It's mainly a woman disease but men can and do get it. To put that in perspective I'm in another group with about 2000 members and there are perhaps 7 active male members those guys are all American. There are definitely a lot of Caucasians there but a stack of Afro American Mexican / Latin Tooo in that group . Just an observation. I think there's tons of outdated information on lupus and you only find that out mixing with other loopy people just my opinion..

  • Iam black, but I have not got an Afro, the terminology you use is offensive, I have lupus,and yes it more prevalent in ethnic minorities if you can use that terminology instead of the one you use would be better.


  • Hello Luppychick....I certainly did not mean to be offensive - I have many black friends and also others, from all over the world and from many different cultures. The terminology I have used is used in every single BOOK that I have read on Lupus (and come to think of it N.H.S pamphlets too!).....and actually where I live in London there are statistics stating that White-English are actually the ethnic minority, so by no means did I mean to offend.....I just wanted to find out for myself, because I am sure that Lupus statistics are VERY out of date! And NO my black friends do not have Afro hairstyles either....... I meant by Afro/Caribbean, of African origin-as I am sure the books and pamphlets do too!! Big Hugs ;-)

  • If a member of your family has Lupus that's the first thing any doc should look at!

  • Have to say I just googled Afro Caribbean , as I have heard the term many times and it was not to do with hair. Google says it is Caribbean people of African descent.(Christopher Columbus days). Let's not get too touchy here, we are supposed to support each other.

  • Thank you 6161 - Big Hugs to you too!! ;-)x

  • Touchy when you have walked in my shoes then you have the right to comment. Define support reading your post if mr Columbus alive today he would have been jailed for slavery and promotion the slave trade, do not tell me iam being touchy now that's is offensive.

    I have the right to say if something offends my race on this site.

  • you addressed the matter correctly.

  • Iam young caribbean lady and I too do see it as a little offensive. You dint walk in our shoes. We are here to support as you said but if someone is offend by a comment a person made let it be addressed and handled right. Like luppychick and bam1993 did.

  • Should not be arguing agree, but you need to take it up with the people who print the terminology. I am offended now, we all have had to walk in our shoes too. You don't know my life either. Don't make assumptions as to my views. I know what you are implying and you are so wrong. Subject is 5 days old now so let's drop it.

  • now now lets not get all wild here...I wasn't making any assumptions here.I was simply stating my thoughts. If could of been 10 days ago I am still going to reply. I wasn't trying to make you feel bad or judge you. Just next time pick your words more wisely. We are here to support each other :)

  • Ok will do but make sureyou contact google and every other dictionary or similar information source to correct themselves, as obviously they all have been wrong all these years. Now leave me alone.

  • Iam 19 I had lupus for over a year now. I am a Caribbean lady living in florida, usa! You are only going by what your eyes sees. My doctor even told me its more common in blacks Asian and hispanic. Also depending on where you live and your social group you might be around more white people. therefore the people you know that have lupus are white.

  • mango3051 It was me - bam1993-that 1st posted the question, and if you read it again I state that I live/work in a VERY multi-cultural area-London, I know and work with lots of black people (Afro/Caribbean, and I use this term NOT to offend-but as stated - it is the term used in every book/pamphlet I have ever read on Lupus).....I am quite sure that over here the statistics are wrong - at least in my area.(I intend to ask my consultant at my appt at the end of the month) Maybe it is different in the States.

    Life with Lupus is very hard for all of us.....and I certainly did not mean to cause any controversy or stress to ANYONE-that is the last thing all of us need with this illness!!!-6161 was just basically agreeing that I had used the correct terminology,so please, let's just forget I said anything in the first place and wish everyone good, pain-free days ahead x ;-)

  • Bam1993 I now get your full understanding. Thank you so much for taking the time to correct my understanding. But I do get what Luppychick is coming from. We are from different places therefore what we may think about something or a term may seem like its no harm but to the other persons it may seem offensive. And that what i was trying to get across to 6161 but it seem like he or she took it to a whole argument level. Thank you bam1993 again for your kindness :) Lets move on for better days!!!!

  • Only thing I would say is that a lot of people who appear to look white have black or asian ancestors. Just a thought.

  • Hi Alexandria, yes I do agree-thinking about it in the 1800's there was a Maria in our family tree-and she could well have been Spanish (Hispanic)...maybe it is where my strain of autoimmune comes from!! I think I am still going to ask my Rhuemy his opinion though! ;-)

  • By all means do but I would be focusing on what your health professionals (s) will be doing to treat your illness so that hopefully you can minimise the very debilitating effect it can have on your life.

  • Should say that I have had SLE and Fibro for over 12 years. I am from a family of 7 and am the only one affected.

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