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Copays how do people afford to go to Dr when needed even with insurance and medications for lupus.

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I was just wondering if any one elese has promblems paying copays or getting medications when you need them and what are some things people can do to help they cut my hours at work so been hard trying to go to Drs when needed and get medications.So with the things the way they are now thought might get some ideas from people having same promblems.

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Where do you live Dianne? We get free Healthcare in the Uk. In Scotland we also get free prescriptions.

I live in England and in July I got a yearly prescription card that cost about £105 so that I do not have to pay for prescriptions for a year. I have used it 25 times. This would have cost me £196.25. So I've already saved nearly a £100 in the first 4 months.

Hi, also free prescriptions in Wales too.

I am really SORRY (esp to those in Scotland and Wales), but I do have to rant a bit (no a LOT) here......IT MAKES ME SOOO MAD WE DONT GET FREE PRECRIPTIONS IN ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not begrudge the Lupus suffers in these countries, because I know most of us have been financially affected by our conditions.....but EVERYONE (as far as I know) gets free scripts in both Scotland/Wales. And it truly is NOT FAIR!!!

I can only work part time now (but am off sick at the moment) and earn about £11000 p.a, out of which I have to pay Mortgage, All Utility Bills, Council Tax, everything and of course my D/D of £10.40 per month for my prescriptions-I can get NO help-(have looked up on all sites such as entitledto-etc.,) because my adult son that works has had to come back to live with me-he gives me some rent, but I still really, really struggle (mostly buy only offers or reduced/yellow label things! And shop in Charity shops for clothes) - I have not applied for the P.P.I cause I am sure they will only say NO because I am working- when I am well - and I just can't take the stress of having to PROVE to them just how 'ILL' I am-just I don't think I could take it-would probably just breakdown crying.

I believe that EVERYONE IN THE UK - WITH A CHRONIC CONTINUOUS CONDITION-should be entitled to FREE PRESCRIPTIONS-we ALL pay the same TAX & N.I contributions!!!!!!!!!! Sorry :-(

Hi bam1993, you should apply for pip. It is awarded to people who are working too, it goes on the basis on how much you can't do or need help to do. Please give it a try because you can get it. I get high mobility and low care, but I'm still on dla haven't been changed yet. Your doctor may be asked for a letter and any medical notes. Also get an independent group to help you fill it in like cab. You must imagine your very worst day and don't be embarrassed they need to hear what you struggle with.

I am thinking of you as I have to reduce my hours too and will struggle but unfortunately if you can't manage, you can't manage


I also find it irritating that if you have a chronic condition in England you do not get free prescriptions.

I have also taken out the yearly prescription card and it doesn't matter what you have during the year, you are covered. Apart from Lupus I also have a kidney transplant and suffer with chronic pain, so am not a cheap patient!. Just one of my boxes of anti rejection meds cost nearly £300 for 30 tablets, so the yearly prescription charge is not a bad deal in my circumstances. If you have trouble paying then discuss with your local CAB, I found their advice really helpful and its free of charge.

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