caninecrazy won a teeny weeny battle!

hello everyone,

for the last two years I have asked and asked my gp surgery (nurses and doctors) if I can have the flu ,no ,no! lupus doesn't qualify on our list go pay for it yourself. that was always the reply. on my last visit for my med review I asked yet again and mentioned that the poster in the waiting room states that people with supressed immune systems are listed, that's us surely. the gp hummed and arred again and then I remembered reading someones elses blog about flu jabs and paul said he can send the surgery info saying about the importance of having it, I told that to the doctor and she said they would contact me........I finally got a letter today saying I CAN have it :)

thankyou paul, without even knowing it you helped me and other fellow lupies at my gp surgery :) x

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  • Yes they are very reluctant to give it on the NHS. I get mine done at work so if I get flu and am ill they can't tell me nothing. I still took their jab! Well done for insisting.

  • I get a letter every year offering me it. I also get given pneumonia jab. I am based in Scotland. Maybe different rules? X

  • I have never been questioned about it. Think it is down to the surgery. Poor really very poor. Well they can't say no anymore. Sarah think Scotland is a bit better at giving you if I'll what you need. Xx

  • I'm glad to hear that you've managed to get the flu jab caninecrazy.

  • Just had mine this morning and have been getting it annually for years with no problems at all. Live in Cumbria.

  • My Mother (who was very asthmatic) had the flu jab once in her late 60s. Never again ---- it made her wretchedly ill, so ill that it's put me off even asking. But no-one else I know has suffered such extreme reactions.

  • I have never been refused the flu jab and my partner was encouraged to have one too. Must be a GP decision I think.

  • Just had mine after having it questioned AGAIN, been having it for 8 years now, but every year they tell me i don't fit the criteria and I have to point out the reasons why I do...

  • Hi I was offered a flu jab last yr, at my gp's ....due to taking planquil and recommendation of rhymi, this yr had it again and given pneumonia jab too!

    Looks like it all depends on your gp? Or nhs area? Which is wrong! X

  • Hi

    Sorry I know you have had your flu jab now and hopefully you won't have the problem again. It is a recommendation, definitely if you take medication. If you take methotrexate or similar you are also supposed to get pneumo too. That's a one off though not yearly. I do not know where they are coming from. They should be offering it to you. They get paid for everyone they give for heaven sakes x

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