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Rhuematology update

hi guys. I got diagnosed with lupus SLE 5 months ago now. Just an update on my rhuemy Appointment. At my last appointment my rhuemy toled me to let him know if I feel worse. I felt like crap for a week and half. Tryed to contact him via phone and e-mail but no reply. I did not know if I was having a flare or not so I contact the complaints department on the Friday and had an appointment through last Thursday for my appointment today. Here is the complaints e-mail address if anyone is having probems with the nhs (UK ONLY SORRY GUYS) it's with the capitals as well.

Anyway I wrote down 23 symptoms and 9 of my medication I hit them with hell as I've had enough. Had more blood tests done waiting on them now and they going to see if they need to change any of my medication or not. Also they are putting me to see a dermatologist about my facial rash had makeup on today I cannot go anywhere without it but I did show pictures of my face.

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Hi blondie 22 my name is Gemma. I have been getting a lot off blood test done over the past few months and my last one says I have high white blood shells at the moment and my doctor is sending me to a constant at hospital ? I hope it my lups it showing up because I don't have the right disnoge yet?. Good luck at the hospital blondie 22. I love reading your post it made me fell I am not along ?. Take care. Gemma


It is a pain. They are debating weather to change it or not as I am on hydrochloroquine at the moment along with my others. If they change it I will have major side effects apparently. Have you seen a rhuematologist yet gemma? No one is alone on here you can rant and rave as much as you like we are here to support one and other.


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